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LGPD Compliance Support Tools

Tools to support a more effective LGPD compliance

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Description of several data protection support tools (e.g., DPO Action Plan, IT Security Policy, etc.) to support LGPD compliance.
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Description of a set of over 21 LGPD Data Protection Plans, Policies and Procedures to support the compliance actions of the first book, such as: DPO Action Plan, IT Disaster Recovery Plan, Employee Confidentiality Agreement, Employee Privacy Policy, IT Security Policy, Data Classification Policy, Backup and Recovery Procedure, Clean Desk Procedure, etc.

About authors

John Kyriazoglou, CICA, B.A (Honors), IT Management and Privacy Consultant. John is the creator of:1. The DP&P System (Data Protection and Privacy System).2. The PANDORA WAY (Approach and practices to improve your business and personal life).3. The OCCUP Approach (Strategies for reducing occupational stress).4. The 7-milestones Approach (Setting goals for improving your personal and family life).5. Various Management Tools (for Privacy, IT Auditing, etc.).Dr. Victor Rodrigues, Data Privacy Lawyer, University Professor, Certified DPO, and LGPD Business Compliance Consultant.

  • Overview
  1. Data Protection Plans
  2. Legal & Privacy Policies
  3. Security & Privacy Policies
  4. Security & Privacy Procedures
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About the Authors

John Kyriazoglou

Dr. Victor Rodrigues