Ubuntu® Linux

by Mostafa Abd-ElHamid Atwa
( 11 )
55 pages
This book will teach you how to prepare a LINUX environment using UBUNTU of Canonical LTD. Learn how to work with DNS, DHCP, and Mail Servers.
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This book will help you learn UBUNTU Linux. Ubuntu Linux is a strong operating system developed by Canonical LTD UK. The aim of this book is to teach you how to work with DNS, DHCP, Firewall, IPv4 Networking and Bridging, Package Installation, Mail Servers, Web Servers and More...

About the author

Mostafa Abd-ElHamid Atwa

  • Information Systems Engineer
  • Developing Applications
  • CISSP, MCSD, CEH, MCP, Certified in PowerShell, Certified in PHP, JS, Backbone, JAVA, from SUNY Potsdam
  • Bacheolor Degree Holder from Modern Academy for Computer Science and Management Technology in Management Information System

  1. Canonical® LTD. 
    1. The Company Behind UBUNTU 
  2. Domain Name System on UBUNTU® 
    1. Installing DNS on UBUNTU using Bind9 
    2. DNS Configuration, Maintenance, Management and Automation 
  3. UFW on UBUNTU® 
    1. UFW Roles and Rules 
    2. Working with Ports 
    3. Working with Protocols 
    4. IP Masquerading 
    5. UFW logging 
  4. Mail Server on UBUNTU® 
    1. Postfix on UBUNTU® 
    2. Installing Open Webmail on UBUNTU® 
  5. Kerberos and Federation Services on UBUNTU® 
  6. Working with Web Servers on UBUNTU® 
    1. Installing Glassfish Server on UBUNTU® 
    2. Installing and Configuring Apache Web Server® 
    3. Installing JBOSS Application Server 
    4. Installing and configuring NGINX on UBUNTU® 
  7. Working with Database Servers on UBUNTU® 
    1. Installing and Configuring MySQL Server 
    2. Installing and Configuring Oracle Database Server 12c Express Edition 

Es verdaderamente util... lo recomiendo.
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