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Agile for Managers

Decision-Making in the Digital Age

Language:  English
Managers need powerful decision-making tools and appropriate controls to make organisations more effective and efficient. Business Agility depends on the leadership of managers.
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  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Matching predictable and emergent activities with appropriate Controls
    1. Predictable and emergent Characteristics
    2. Comparing control Mechanisms
    3. Improving the Activities
    4. Summarising the Situation
  2. Making investment decisions that increase Profits
    1. High-stakes investment Decisions
    2. Factoring cost of delay into Decision-making
    3. Estimating opportunity Cost
    4. A visual Summary
  3. Decision-making as an improvable Process
    1. Capabilities not Resources
    2. Separating decision-making from Delivery
    3. “Jobs to be done” by a decision-making Process
    4. Improving decision-making to improve organisational Performance
    5. Predictable and Agile Delivery Systems
    6. Summarising what just Happened
  4. Preventing inexcusable Wastes
    1. Problems Problems
    2. Simple Controls
    3. Feedback Mechanisms
    4. Reviewing feedback Mechanisms
  5. Overcoming invisible Barriers
    1. Forces and Amplifiers
    2. Capabilities over Silos
    3. Summarising the Invisible
  6. Not your grandfather’s Workplace
    1. Reconceptualising the organisation of Work
    2. The role of Managers
    3. Transformational Improvement
  • Table of figures
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Russ "The Agiliser" Lewis