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Getting Better With Technology

Embrace technology for productivity, not to replace living

32m 32s
Language:  English
Steven J. Manning & Nathaniel Schooler delve into much of what you must know and adopt to live with and make technology your awesome lifetime partner. Balancing that with healthy living and success.
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You must invest your time in this talk for a better, more productive, more efficient, healthier, more successful business and personal life. You must improve your technology skills. But: what, how, when and how much! You must make tech. a powerful enabler for your life, development and future success. These two top experts really get into it! You want more about what is “out there for you,” data, tech., systems, they have that for you. And, of course, all about the maybe biggest “thing” in our lifetimes, AI. Manning & Schooler have been in the AI world for decades. This is a DO NOT MISS talk.

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