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Ethical use of AI: Is It Even Possible?

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Ex-Head Of Sony Europe for AI And Robotics EU Digital Ambassador Nicolas Babin on guiding principles for ethical AI fairness, shared initiatives, & protection against manipulation or harm to humans.
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Europe is actively working on an AI act, which is expected to be voted on by the end of this year. The guiding principles for ethical AI include fairness, shared initiatives, and protection against any manipulation or harm to human beings. Data plays a significant role in AI. It can be used for the benefit of humanity, but also has the potential to be used against individuals. The issue of data privacy and security, as exemplified by the compass tool in the US, highlights the importance of responsible data usage.

To truly improve people’s lives, access to data is vital. It enables the development of AI applications that have a positive impact across various domains, from healthcare to transportation. Do not miss this interview!

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