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The CEO’s Guide to LGPD Compliance

The Guide for C-Suite Members to Ensure LGPD Compliance

Language:  English
Description of the LGPD basic concepts and terms and a set of compliance measures and over 70 actions to implement LGPD by Brazilian CEOs.
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Description of Brazil’s ICT environment, the major highlights of LGPD, a general approach (DP&P System (Data Protection and Privacy System)) and a set of the measures and appendices with plans, models and specific actions (over 70) required to migrate to Brazil’s new privacy regime from a CEO’s perspective.

About the Authors

John Kyriazoglou, CICA, B.A (Honors), IT Management and Privacy Consultant. John is the creator of:

  1. The DP&P System (Data Protection and Privacy System).
  2. The PANDORA WAY (Approach and practices to improve your business and personal life).
  3. The OCCUP Approach (Strategies for reducing occupational stress).
  4. The 7-milestones Approach (Setting goals for improving your personal and family life).
  5. Various Management Tools (for Privacy, IT Auditing, etc.).

Dr. Victor Rodrigues, Data Privacy Lawyer, University Professor, Certified DPO, and LGPD Business Compliance Consultant

  • Overview
  • Preface: Data Protection and LGPD
  1. LGPD Highlights and DP System
    1. Introduction: Brazil’s ICT Environment
    2. LGPD: Brazil’s New Data Protection Law
    3. LGPD: Applicability
    4. LGPD: Definition of Terms
    5. LGPD Major Highlights
    6. Migrating to Brazil’s new privacy regime
    7. Conclusion
  2. DP Management and Governance Activities
    1. Overview
    2. Objectives
    3. CEO’s DP Management and Governance Activities
    4. Other Complementary and Support Activities
  3. Managing Information Security and Privacy Risks
    1. Overview
    2. Objective
    3. CEO’s DP Information and Privacy Risk Management Activities
    4. Other Complementary and Support Activities
  4. Integrating Data Protection into Business Functions
    1. Overview
    2. Objective
    3. CEO’s Data Protection Integration Activities
    4. Other Complementary and Support Activities
  • Appendix 1. Examples of Personal Data
  • Appendix 2. Brazil’s Complementary Privacy Laws
  • Appendix 3. LGPD: Definition of Terms
  • Appendix 4. Workplace Wellness Model
  • Appendix 5. LGPD Compliance Board Plan
  • Appendix 6. DP Team Improvement Plan
  • Appendix 7. Technical and Organizational DP Measures
  • Appendix 8. DP&P System
  • Appendix 9. LGPD Corporate Functions Integration Plan
  • Appendix 10. Data Protection Model- ‘Trust’
  • End Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Disclaimer
About the Authors

John Kyriazoglou

Dr. Victor Rodrigues