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Security and Data Privacy Audit Questionnaires

Data Protection and Privacy Guide – Vol V

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This book contains a complete set of methods, strategies, plans, policies, audit tools and other practical controls to guide, support and facilitate you to effectively manage personal data.
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This book describes, in 5 volumes, an Integrated Data Protection and Privacy Management System (DP&P System) and a methodology complemented by a set of various strategies, plans, policies, audit tools and other practical controls to guide, support and facilitate all enterprises, organizations and companies to manage better their personal and sensitive data so that they comply better with all privacy regulations and standards (e.g. EU General Data Protection Directive, due for full implementation across the European Union in May, 2018).

  • Summary
  1. Data Protection and Privacy Audit Tools
    1. DP&P Audit Tool #01: Data Sensitivity Protection Assessment
    2. DP&P Audit Tool #02: Human Resource Cultural Controls Assessment
    3. DP&P Audit Tool #03: Data Privacy Principles Compliance Assessment
    4. DP&P Audit Tool #04: Data Privacy Corporate Issues Assessment
  2. IT Governance Audit Tools
    1. ITG Audit Tool #01: Information Security Management Procedures Assessment
    2. ITG Audit Tool #02: IT Security Policies Assessment
    3. ITG Audit Tool #03: IT Systems Development Assessment
    4. ITG Audit Tool #04: Logical Security Controls Assessment
    5. ITG Audit Tool #05: IT Control Framework Assessment
    6. ITG Audit Tool #06: IT Personnel Responsibilities and Skills Assessment
    7. ITG Audit Tool #07: Systems Software Security Assessment
    8. ITG Audit Tool #08: Physical Access Controls Assessment
    9. ITG Audit Tool #09: IT Hardware Management Controls Assessment
    10. ITG Audit Tool #10: Backup/Recovery Controls Assessment
    11. ITG Audit Tool #11: Corporate Website Assessment
    12. ITG Audit Tool #12: End-user Security Assessment
  3. Computerized Applications Audit Tools
    1. CA Audit Tool #01. IT Application Controls Audit Program
    2. CA Audit It Tool #02. IT Application Quality Audit Program
    3. CA Audit Tool #03. IT Application Results Validation Audit Program
    4. CA Audit Tool #04. IT Application Post Implementation Review Audit Program
    5. CA Audit Tool #05. End User Office-Based Applications Operation Questionnaire
    6. CA Audit Tool #06. Web Based Applications Questionnaire
    7. CA Audit Tool #07. Monitoring IT Application Controls Questionnaire
  • Appendix 1. Assessing Audit Replies
  • Bibliography
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