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Value Stream Mapping

The Secret to Successful Digital Transformation

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Today’s Value Stream is not your grandfather’s linear pencil model. It is a multidimension model of your business pipeline using microservices architecture for complex and dynamic business modeling.
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Value Stream Mapping (VSM) enables building and maintaining a clearly defined sequence of activities that creates and delivers value from an organization to their stakeholders by understanding exactly when, where and how that value is created or delivered. This enables and informs for optimizing the alignment of resources with that flow along with focus toward improvement and reduction and elimination of disruptions to the flow of value. Value Stream Management is the capability that is unlocked and guided by Value Stream Maps.

About the Author

Jack Maher is a lifelong learner and enthusiast of systems and design thinking (, focused on improving people and organizations, and leaving environments better than he found them. Jack’s an empty nester in Columbus, Ohio. He loves travel and scuba diving, passions he frequently combines. His deep and documented experience in technology and Lean ( culminated in Standing On Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation (, co-authored with Carmen DeArdo, which won Best DevOps Book of the Year 2020.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Value Stream Mapping
    1. Today’s VSM is not your grandfather’s linear model
  2. Planning
    1. People
  3. Assemble the Team
    1. Leadership
  4. Day One
    1. Step 1: Gather the Team
    2. Step 2: Create the First Cut
    3. Step 3: The First Gemba
    4. Step 4: Bringing it Back
  5. Day Two
    1. Step 1: Celebrate & Build on Day One
    2. Step 2: Mind the Differences
    3. Step 3: The Second Gemba
    4. Step 4: Sharing and Feedback Loops
  6. The Day After
    1. Essentialism
    2. Lean and Associate Perceptions
    3. Sustainability
  7. Worksheets
  • End Notes
Very nice book -- well thought out and professionally written
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About the Author

Jack Maher