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Practical IT Asset Management

A Concise Guide for Busy Executives

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IT Asset Management is often considered as a low-grade task. But unknown to many folks ITAMS is a crucial function of organizations and must be given the highest possible importance.
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IT Asset Management is often considered as a boring and low grade task by many technical executives, CTOs and even CIOs. This is because most technical staff in many organizations hates getting involved in the commercial and financial aspects of managing IT assets as they think this is just a glorified storekeeper job. Such misconceptions result in frequent battles between the finance, audit, and the technical departments. However, IT asset management is an extremely crucial function of any organization, and must be given the highest importance possible by the senior management. An IT asset manager’s job is a powerful position that can help organizations to save costs, ensure material discipline, offload asset activities from technical staff who may not be qualified or interested in doing such activities, ensure physical and data security, help in budgeting, and supervise the complete lifecycle of IT assets used in an organization. Secondly, it’s not a mere storekeeper’s job as many executives fear and this book will show you how and why.

About the author

Thejendra Sreenivas is a Technology manager with nearly 28+ years of experience in the IT industry handling a variety of technical roles and projects. He has also worked in the Middle East, Australia, and has interacted with countless flavors of customers and organizations of all sizes. He is also an Author Coach, Magazine Publisher, and offers personalized coaching in Self-Publishing to aspiring authors. He has also written 20+ books on a number of subjects. His inspiration for writing unique books comes from Toni Morrison who said, “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

  • Preface
  • About the Author
  1. Introduction
    1. Who should read this book?
    2. What is an IT asset?
    3. What is IT asset management (ITAM)?
    4. What are the benefits of IT asset management?
    5. What are the risks of not having an IT asset management?
    6. What is an IT asset lifecycle?
    7. What IT asset teams will NOT do?
    8. Who are the real owners of it asset management?
  2. Establishing an IT Asset Team
    1. Supervisory or Managerial Staff
    2. Field staff - Technical
    3. Field staff - Issue and Recovery
    4. Software tool – Inventory and Tracking
    5. Desk staff – Maintain inventory and movement
    6. Summary of responsibilities for this department
  3. Asset Tracking Tool
    1. What is an Asset Tracking TooL?
    2. Which tool to use?
    3. How to gather requirements for the tool?
    4. Tool requirements for the technical departments
    5. Tool requirements for the finance department
    6. Tool requirements for the facilities department
    7. Tool requirements for the security department
    8. Collective or common requirements
    9. What are Asset and Finance IDs?
    10. Asset Tracking Screens
  4. Populating the Asset Database
    1. Team and Software are ready. Now what?
    2. How to begin populating the database?
  5. Service Catalogue and IT Asset Policy
    1. What is a Service Catalogue?
    2. What is an IT Asset Policy?
  6. Day to Day Operations
    1. Issue a laptop or desktop to a new employee
    2. Arrival of new systems
    3. Exit of an employee
    4. Bulk replacement of systems
    5. Auditing of systems
    6. Movement of systems
    7. IT Stores and Field Inventory
    8. Disposal of Retired Systems
  7. IT Asset ReporTS
    1. Inventory classification by usage
    2. Business unit usage
    3. Days to Warranty Expiry
    4. Lost Item Report
  8. Software Asset Management
    1. How to manage Software Assets?
    2. What are the responsibilities of a SAM Team?
    3. What are the types of Software Licenses today?
  9. Was it a Boring Job?
  • Appendix: Some ISO Standards
About the Author

Thejendra Sreenivas