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AI-Driven Productivity Hacks

A Guide for Managers, Employees & HR Professionals

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Unleash AI in the workplace. Packed with practical tips, case studies & AI productivity hacks, this eBook will revolutionize your productivity. Essential for Managers, Employees & HR Professionals.
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Unleash the power of AI to boost productivity with this new eBook. From understanding AI's basics to exploring its implications for managers, employees & HR professionals. Learn how AI can automate routine tasks, enable data-driven decisions & foster intelligent engagement. Chapters dedicated to each role reveal specific AI hacks, while a chapter on ethics ensures a balanced approach. Overcome AI implementation challenges with practical tips & learn from real-world case studies. The book concludes by forecasting AI trends & their future impact, paving the way for an AI-driven workplace.

About the Author

This eBook is written by Dr. Tony de Bree EEP MBA. Tony (1957) He is a senior strategy & change consultant, a high-energy-speaker and lecturer, a successful online entrepreneur and a business coach, career coach & mentor of C-Level executives, students, startups, scaleups & SMEs.

He is a bestselling author of 'how to books' in Dutch and eBooks in English on digital transformation & digital strategy management; change management, business model & revenue model innovation; ecosystem development; Internet marketing, making money online, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance & selecting the best ideas, business plans, startups & scaleups to invest in. 

In 2001, he earmarked, ASML, IKEA, PayPal and, a large Dutch ‘’ type of large online platform as promising companies. He has been successfully selecting startups and scaleups ever since.

He worked 26 years in Financial Services at Amro Bank and ABN Amro Bank with corporate & private clients, institutional & private investors, startups, scaleups & SMEs worldwide. In ICT & business strategy development; turnaround management; international business development; corporate venturing; M&A; outsourcing, strategic partnering, negotiating & contracting and as global change manager, program manager regulatory change after 9/11, splitting up ABN Amro and as programme manager eLearning, online platforms, eMarketplaces, eBusiness, eCommerce, eTrust & eKYC.

He has a European Executive MBA, a PhD in business administration and knowledge management on ‘Transformation of Financial Services Companies', a Fintech-certificate with a KYC/RegTech Capstone Project @M.I.T. in the United States & a certificate 'ICT Member of Supervisory Boards'.

In 2001, he started to make money online as a ‘side hustle’ (see here) as his ‘plan b’ next to his day job at ABN Amro Bank. With online consulting, training and coaching on demand and with digital products like eBooks, checklists, canvasses and planners and with short videos. Helping more than 12.000+ independent business owners worldwide to make money online.

He left the traditional business world of global Financial Services in 2011 & now leads a happy personal and professional life with his new wife. Helping customers to make a living with their talents and with the people they know and trust in their network.

  • About The Author
  • Introduction
  1. Productivity Hacks Explained
    1. Generic Productivity Hacks
    2. Time Management Related Productivity Hacks
  2. Understanding AI
    1. What is Artificial Intelligence?
    2. Types of AI Systems
    3. How AI Enhances Productivity
  3. AI-Driven Productivity Hacks
    1. The Rise of AI in the Workplace
    2. What are AI-Driven Productivity Hacks?
    3. Benefits of AI-Driven Productivity Hacks
  4. AI-Driven Productivity Hacks for Managers
    1. Automating Routine Tasks
    2. Intelligent Scheduling and Planning
    3. Data-Driven Decision Making
    4. Performance Monitoring and Feedback
    5. AI-Powered Collaboration Tools
  5. AI-Driven Productivity Hacks for Employees
    1. Personalized Workflows
    2. AI-Powered Task Management
    3. Intelligent Email Management
    4. Virtual Assistants for Time Management
    5. AI Driven Content Creation With Chatbots
    6. AI-Enabled Learning and Development (AI L&D)
  6. AI-Driven Productivity Hacks for HR Professionals
    1. AI-Based Recruitment and Talent Acquisition
    2. Streamlining Onboarding Processes with AI
    3. Intelligent Employee Engagement
    4. AI-Enhanced Performance Management
    5. Data-Driven HR Analytics
  7. Ethical Considerations in AI-Driven Productivity
    1. Ensuring Privacy and Data Security
    2. Addressing Bias in AI Algorithms
    3. Transparency and Explainability in AI Systems
    4. Balancing Automation with Human Touch
  8. Overcoming Challenges in Implementing AI-Driven Productivity Hacks
    1. Change Management and Training
    2. Integration with Existing Systems
    3. Managing Resistance to AI Adoption
    4. Continuous Improvement and Evaluation
  9. Case Studies: Real-World Examples of AI-Driven Productivity Hacks
    1. Company A - Automating HR Processes
    2. Company B - AI-Enhanced Sales Performance
    3. Company C - Intelligent Document Processing
    4. Company D - AI-Powered Customer Service
    5. Company E - Supply Chain Optimization
    6. Company F - Personalized Marketing Campaigns
    7. Company G - AI-Powered Fraud Analytics System
  10. Trends In AI Driven Productivity
    1. Emerging Trends and Technologies
    2. AI and Remote Working And Managing
    3. AI’s Impact on Job Roles and Skills
    4. Augmented Intelligence: Collaboration between Humans and AI
  11. The Future of AI-Driven Productivity
    1. The Future of AI-Driven Productivity Hacks for Managers
    2. The Future of AI-Driven Productivity Hacks for Employees
    3. Future of AI-Driven Productivity Hacks for HR Professionals
  12. The Growth Of The AI Industry & Personal Tips
    1. The Expected Growth of The AI Industry
    2. Tony’s personal tips
  • Endnotes

Understand the importance of change management when implementing AI productivity solutions Identify the benefits of AI-driven productivity tools for managers, employees, and HR professionals Recognize the potential impact of AI on future job roles and necessary skills

About the Author

Tony de Bree