Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity

What, Why, and How

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220 pages
This book discusses cybersecurity hot topics for individuals, businesses, and governments.
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About the author

Christina Liu, CPA, MSA, has extensive experiences in auditing and accounting fields with different industries including public accounting, state/local governments, nonprofit organizations, and telecommunications. She earned MSA and BS degrees from American University in Washington, D.C. She gained...


Cyberspace touches practically everything and everyone when many everyday communications depend on information communication technologies. This new wave of connectivity is going beyond tablets and laptops; to connected cars and buildings; TVs and game consoles; and smart meters and traffic control. As we are critically dependent on cyberspace, it is inherently insecure and there will always be attempts to exploit weaknesses to launch cyberattacks. The cyber threat impacts the whole of our society, so everyone has a part to play in combating cybercrimes. This book is divided into five chapters of discussion, The Evolution of Cyberattacks, Cyber Trends, Cybersecurity Strategy, Challenges in Cybersecurity, and Cyber Risk Management, including hot topics for individuals, businesses, and governments.

  1. Why do cyberattacks escalate? 
    1. Development of cybercrime 
    2. Cyber threat sources 
    3. Interconnected environment – internet of things 
    4. Self-test 
  2. How does digital technology transform societies, economies, and lifestyles? 
    1. Industry 4.0 
    2. Project 2020 – scenarios for the future of cybercrime 
    3. Cybersecurity workforce transformation 
    4. Self-test 
  3. How do nations address the global cyber risks? 
    1. The impact of global cyber risks 
    2. The significance of cybersecurity 
    3. Highlights of a national cybersecurity program 
    4. Self-test 
  4. What are the concerns Raised by the issues of cybersecurity? 
    1. Privacy concerns 
    2. Technical issues 
    3. Legal concerns 
    4. Lack of leadership commitment 
    5. Self-test 
  5. How do organizations defend against cyberattacks 
    1. The importance of the cyber risk management program 
    2. Roles and responsibilities 
    3. Cybersecurity standards 
    4. Cyberattack detection and response 
    5. Cyber insurance 
    6. Self-test 

The best book
September 26, 2018 at 2:37 PM
This book provides answers for the most common questions around cybersecurity. A good to have for students as they are not always aware of the consequences of cyberattacks.
September 19, 2018 at 6:51 AM
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