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Cloud Computing

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This book provides a basic introduction to the concept of Cloud Computing.
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This book provides a basic introduction to the concept of Cloud Computing; it explains the key underlying aspects of Cloud Computing and gives an overview about its business model, industry trends, and adoption roadmap.

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  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
    1. What is Cloud Computing?
    2. Cloud Computing History
    3. Types of Cloud Computing
    4. Benefits and Challenges
  2. How Cloud Computing Works
  3. Cloud Computing Landscape & Value Drivers
    1. Cloud Value Proposition
    2. Cloud Computing Value Chain
    3. Predicted Market Growth
    4. Competitive Landscape
    5. Cloud Computing Adoption Factors
  4. Cloud Computing Business Case
  5. Cloud Computing Reference Framework
  6. Cloud Computing Maturity Model
  7. Cloud Computing Pricing Model
  8. Cloud Computing Return on Investment (ROI)
  9. Is Cloud Computing Right Fit for Your Organization?
  10. Cloud Computing Adoption Roadmap
  11. Public Cloud Migration Requirements
  12. Cloud Implementation Challenges
  13. Public Cloud Service Provider Selection Model
  14. Cloud Readiness Assessment Questionnaire
  15. Next Generation Cloud Computing
  16. Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting Cloud Computing
  17. Top Questions to Ask Your Cloud Service Provider
  18. Top Three Cloud Service Providers
  19. References
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