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How to Build a Subscription Movement

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The book contains many examples and 40 cases of successful subscription businesses from around the World.
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Around the World successful subscription-based companies like Netflix, Spotify and Zipcar are winning new markets, and at the same time big companies like Sony, Google and Amazon are heading towards subscriptions as part of their future revenue streams. The subscription revolution is happening!

How can you build your own subscription business or improve the one that you already have? This book will introduce you to the subscription economy and at the same time guide you through the 29 steps of how to build a subscription business.

The book contains many examples and 40 cases of successful subscription businesses from around the World.

About the author

Morten Suhr Hansen is an experienced subscription expert and has held executive positions in subscription businesses in more than 20 years. In 2011 Morten Suhr Hansen founded Subscrybe - a consultancy company that works exclusively for subscription businesses within areas like subscription innovation, acquisition strategies, loyalty building and subscription systems and processes. Subscrybe is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and serves clients in multiple European countries.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Introducing the Model
  2. The Seven Stages
  3. Subscription Modelling
    1. Step 1: Determine Whether the Subscription Model Suits Your Business
    2. Step 2: Describe the Value Proposition of Your Subscription Business
    3. Step 3: Define the Pricing Model
    4. Usage Models
    5. Step 4: Determine the Pricing Strategy
    6. Step 5: Choose Pricing Tactics and Set Actual Prices
    7. Step 6: Determine Payment Methods
    8. Step 7: Define Billing and Dunning Procedures
    9. Step 8: Decide and Document Subscription Terms
  4. Subscription Systems
    1. Step 9: Choose the Right Subscription Management System to Manage Products, Customers, and Billing
    2. Step 10: Build an Ordering and Payment Platform with Maximum Focus on Customer Conversion
    3. Step 11: Build a Customer Self-Service Portal That Allows Subscribers to Manage Their Own Subscriptions
    4. Step 12: Choose the Right Marketing Tools to Help Build Your Acquisition Processes
    5. Step 13: Define and Implement Integration Between Your Subscription Management System and Other Systems
  5. Acquisition
    1. Step 14: Define and Describe Your Customer Acquisition Strategy
    2. Step 15: Build Your Campaign Plan
    3. Step 16: Implement the Sales Channels Described in Your Acquisition Strategy and Campaign Plan
  6. Customer Retention
    1. Step 17: Define and Build an Onboarding Strategy for Welcoming New Subscribers
    2. Step 18: Define and Describe Your Customer Loyalty Strategy
    3. Step 19: Define Your Customer Service Strategy Using Both Online and Offline Means of Communication
    4. Step 20: Define and Build Your Customer Dialogue Programme and Processes
    5. Step 21: Define and Describe Your Churn Prevention Processes When Customers Consider Cancelling Their Subscription
  7. Customer Expansion
    1. Step 22: Define and Implement a Strategy for Upselling Your Product to Your Customers
    2. Step 23: Define and Implement a Strategy For Cross-Selling Other Products to Your Customers
  8. Customer Win-back
    1. Step 24: Segment and Grade Lost Customers in Terms of Win-Back Attractiveness
    2. Step 25: Define and Implement a Plan in Order to Win Back Lost Customers
  9. Analytics
    1. Step 26: Determine Which Subscription Performance Indicators Give the Best Picture of the Performance of Your Subscription Business
    2. Step 27: Implement a Procedure of Ongoing Data Tracking and Analysis for All Subscription Performance Indicators
    3. Step 28: Build a Culture of Constantly Trying to Develop Your Processes in Order to Improve the Performance of Your Subscription Business
  10. Conclusions
  • Appendix A: Examples of New Subscription Concepts Built Using the Model in This Book
  • Table of Figures
  • References
A good and necessary book on Subscription development. The 29 Steps towards Subscription Mastery will make a difference in the World of recurring payment. I hope the book will have all the success it deserves.
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About the Author

Morten Suhr Hansen