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How the Game of Thrones finale will kill workplace productivity and how to beat it

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Employers everywhere: brace yourself, absence is coming. The series finale of HBO’s most popular series Game of Thrones airs Sunday night (or early Monday morning for some of us) and according to a new study, the global workforce will be hit with sick calls and late arrivals harder than The Hound hit The Mountain. …

Communication skills: the top 4 communication skills and how to improve them

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communication skills

Whether consciously or not, we communicate in a variety of ways every day. In both our personal and professional lives, communication is arguably the most important interpersonal skill to develop and improve. There are many aspects that make up strong communication Let’s look at the top four communication skills and how to improve them. …

Employee engagement: 6 things for managers to think about

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teamwork skills

With employee engagement, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Here are 5 things to think about when it comes to engaging employees. 

Teambuilding: The 4 stages of teamwork

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No two teams are alike. Some team members work well together while others butt heads. Although team members vary massively, the journey a team takes to become a successful working unit can be broken down into 4 stages. …

How to strengthen your young employees’ communication skills  

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interpersonal skills definition

The influx of technology aimed to make communication easier has caused young employees to lose the ability to connect and communicate in the real world and in the workplace. How do leaders step in?…

Three approaches to mindful leadership

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mindful leadership

 Mindful leadership is an opportunity for leaders to explore a new way of doing business in a cut-throat environment that no longer dishonours our integrity and helps us create a greater life balance. Mindful leadership is a modern art form. Let’s take a look at what this art looks and sounds like in the real world….

How to deliver an effective sales presentation in Bangladesh

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Presentation skills

Sales presentations can often feel like it’s just you, armed with your PowerPoint and laser pointer, facing the room of decision-makers, hoping to convince them your organisation is worth investing in. Learn how to make the most effective presentation and land the sale!…

The 4 main benefits of coaching

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Coaching has become increasingly popular over the last few years with many people becoming interested in developing their skills to coach others. Enabling individuals to decide what they want to do, to be and to have, assisting them to set goals and developing the mindset and behaviours to reach these goals is very rewarding. …