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GDPR: 6 Tips for managers

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As a manager or business owner, it is important that you have a good understanding of what GDPR means for you, your business, your employees and your clients. That’s why we’ve got GDPR 6 tips for managers. …

4 Reasons businesses should prioritise developing soft skills as much as developing technology

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Keeping up to date with tech advancements is important but a company’s future success comes down to the skills of its people….

How not to be replaced by a robot

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Robots jobs

‘The Robot Revolution’, ‘Computerisation’ or ‘Automation’; whatever you prefer to call it, technology isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but our jobs just might be….

7 ways to measure the ROI of soft skills learning initiatives

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Measuring ROI

Soft skills development is intangible which can make it hard to track and present an ROI. But the immense impact that soft skills have on every part of an organisation is much easier to measure….

Creative problem solving: 4 problem solving techniques

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Creative problem solving

Conflict is inevitable and unfortunately avoiding our problems both personally and professionally is neither realistic or beneficial to individuals or businesses alike. Let’s look at 4 creative problem-solving techniques to help you manage when conflict comes your way. …

The 5 communication styles

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communication styles

We generally have a prevailing communication style. In normal day to day situations this communication style works for you, you feel comfortable with your interactions, and people are used to you and the way you communicate with them. No one style is right or wrong and each style provides a benefit to both you and the person you are communicating with…

Project Management: The 7 Most Important Project Management Skills

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project management skills

Whether you are new to project management or have been managing projects for years, there are a few key skills that every Project Manager should develop. Here are the 7 most important project management skills. …

How the Game of Thrones finale will kill workplace productivity and how to beat it

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Employers everywhere: brace yourself, absence is coming. The series finale of HBO’s most popular series Game of Thrones airs Sunday night (or early Monday morning for some of us) and according to a new study, the global workforce will be hit with sick calls and late arrivals harder than The Hound hit The Mountain. …