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Project Management: The 7 Most Important Project Management Skills

project management skillsManaging a project from start to finish isn’t a simple task. Project Managers are responsible for the success of a project and achieve this by managing teams, communicating with upper management, delegating, organising and much more. Whether you are new to project management or have been managing projects for years, there are a few key skills that every Project Manager should develop. Here are the 7 most important project management skills: (more…)

How the Game of Thrones finale will kill workplace productivity and how to beat it

Employers everywhere: brace yourself, absence is coming. The series finale of HBO’s most popular series Game of Thrones airs Sunday night (or early Monday morning for some of us) and according to a new study, the global workforce will be hit with sick calls and late arrivals harder than The Hound hit The Mountain.  (more…)

Creative problem-solving: the 4 principles of creative problem-solving

creative problem solvingCreative problem-solving takes imagination through to action through the mental process of searching for an innovative solution to a problem. Creative problem-solving is often most effective through teamwork and brainstorming making it fun, imaginative and collaborative. However, imagining new and innovative solutions isn’t always easy, but by following a few steps, your team will be more likely to reach success. Creative problem solving has four core principles. Let’s explore each one in more detail.  (more…)

Workplace wellness: Four steps for dealing with anxiety at work

Anxiety at workThe modern workplace is a frantic world. As time goes on, expectations from both ourselves and those above us keep increasing causing our anxiety to do the same. Anxiety is a silent epidemic, its symptoms develop over many years and can range from passing feelings of nervousness to full-blown panic ‘attacks’. The secret is to catch anxiety early and before it becomes overwhelming. Get to know your personal early warning signs, whether it be tension in your shoulders, a clenched jaw, feeling irritable or upset…get used to’ tuning in’. As soon as you become aware of those symptoms, take action. Here are 4 steps you can take to help with anxiety at work. (more…)

The 5 communication styles

communication stylesWe generally have a prevailing communication style. In normal day to day situations this communication style works for you, you feel comfortable with your interactions, and people are used to you and the way you communicate with them. No one style is right or wrong and each style provides a benefit to both you and the person you are communicating with. We can summarise the five communication styles as follows: (more…)

Managing conflict: 5 steps for managers

conflict managementConflict, whether large or small, is an inevitable part of any team environment. When conflict arrives within a group of individuals, it can often fall on the manager’s shoulders to address and solve the problem. Here are Bookboon’s 5 steps to conflict resolution for managers.  (more…)

The 7 steps of receiving feedback

receiving feedbackA large part of being a good manager is being able to accept criticism and feedback. In a previous article, we discussed how to give feedback but often receiving feedback, especially when it is negative, can put managers in an even more difficult position than the one they are in when they give feedback. Here are the 7 steps for managers to receive feedback from an employee, coworker or upper management.  (more…)

The 7 steps of giving feedback

giving feedbackGiving negative feedback to an employee is one of the more difficult aspects of people-management. Depending on the situation, emotions can rise if the employee does not receive the negative feedback well or feels it is undeserved. Although not all feedback is negative, positive remarks are often far easier to both give and receive. Here are the 7 steps to giving negative feedback.  (more…)

Change management: The process of change

change management Change management is the discipline that guides how managers prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt a change in an organisation in order to drive success and outcomes. Leaders can manage changes such as employees leaving, new business models, alterations in codes and rules and new processes. No matter what the change, there will likely be some resistance from team members and it is a leader’s job to manage that change efficiently and effectively. Here are the 4 phases of the process of change management.  (more…)

Racism in the workplace: What can managers do?

According to a recent survey by business psychologists Pearn Kandola, over half of UK employees have witnessed racism in the workplace but a shocking third of them said they failed to report it to their employer.

 Less than a fifth reported the issue to HR and only 18 percent spoke to the victim, the survey found. Of the respondents who took no action, four in 10 said they did so out of fear of the consequences. A quarter said they did not consider the incident serious enough to report it, and a further 23 percent claimed that they were unsure of who to report it to.  (more…)