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Lack of soft skills is costing you business

In this digital age both businesses and individuals are increasingly forgetful about the power of good old-fashioned people skills.  

The fact of the matter is that all companies rely entirely on the people working within them, and that’s what determines their success. So, people skills really do matter, both internally and externally in business. Here are four key reasons why you need to think about people skills within your workforce.   (more…)

Visual notetaking essentials: A picture really does paint a thousand words

Do you want to be able to capture large amounts of information in a short space of time? Visual notetaking describes the real time process of converting what you; see, think and hear, into a series of images and words. This holistic approach will have you creating visually stunning, useful and engaging notes in no time. (more…)

Reading is still the best way to learn

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that reading a book is one of the best ways to learn. However, digital innovations have brought with them new ways to absorb information and share knowledge, such as webinars, live courses and videos. So, is reading still the key way to learn new information, or could content such as video take over?   (more…)

Four ways the soft skills gap is affecting your business

The growing importance of soft skills in the workplace has been well documented. As recent generations have devoted more and more time and energy to the development of digital skills, we’ve seen a visible decline in the standard of soft skills. (more…)

Your learning strategy holds the key to improving your customer satisfaction

Whether during the sales process or afterwards, customers are happy and will feel positive towards your brand when they feel like they’ve been listened to, they understand the product, the services and related processes and any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. (more…)

Do I really need a First Aid Kit and certificate?

Accidents happen all the time, whether we are prepared or not. The sooner someone can get medical attention, the higher their chances are for survival. Would you pack your luggage and go on a road trip without taking along a first aid kit? What if you witnessed an accident, and someone needed emergency first aid, and you bypassed taking the course because you felt like you didn’t need it. If, any one of these scenarios sounds realistic to you, it is because accidents are not planned, they just happen, and you can be in the position to save a life when you least expect.


How to bridge the generation gap in the workplace

Much has been written about millennials in the workplace and the generation gap that exists in organisations between those that have grown up with digital technologies and those that haven’t. (more…)

“I hate my job”: How badly do you need a career change?

Why exactly are you thinking about changing your job? Is it because you often feel anxious when you are at work? Are you always secretly planning an escape? What makes you want to leave your current job? The important question is, why? (more…)

Making the change management process work

They say that the only constant is change, and in change the only constant is resistance! Resistance to change is perfectly natural, which is why change needs to be managed. (more…)

Soft skills key to innovation

In a recent study West Monroe polled more than 600 HR and recruiting professionals about the importance of soft skills for hiring technology employees and 650 business professionals on how they work with their technology teams.  

The results highlight how soft skills are still often not being nurtured sufficiently amongst IT professionals, leading to suboptimal business performance.  (more…)