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Presentation skills: Want your audience warm to you?

presentation skills

Of course you do! When an audience likes and respects a speaker, they will not only be more engaged but the believability of the presentation as well as the speaker’s chances of persuading the audience to agree with their message increase massively.


Being assertive: 3 steps to assertiveness

Many of us lack the confidence to ask for what we want, especially in a corporate setting. However, there are a few steps everyone can take to stand our ground, be more assertive and get what we want. Check out the top 3 steps to becoming more assertive.


8 ways to ensure your learning offering meets the newest learning trends

learning and development trends

The current learning climate is ever-changing and along with it, so are the needs of our learners. No two employees are the same and neither are their learning needs but there are some trends among modern learners that, if learning professionals take note of, will ensure training is engaging and relevant for every single employee. Here are 8 ways to ensure your learning solution is up to date with the needs of the modern learner.


5 reasons eLearning is here to stay


At one point in time, it would have been unimaginable that the majority of our banking, shopping, and communication would end up online. However, as we now know, going digital has changed the way we go about almost every aspect of our lives including how we learn. As a relatively new concept compared to traditional learning methods, in the grand scheme of things, eLearning is sometimes looked at as a fad or trend, but this fast-growing, ultra-efficient learning method is here to stay. Here are five reasons why.  


Team learning: 4 ways to embed team learning

teamwork skills

Teams are formed through the organisational pressures, customers’ requirements, technology and the needs of the business, or are they? Individuals join teams in a number of ways; by choice, by default, and by the changing focus of the organisation. Given that, how can we get teams to function effectively with all the differences in personality, role requirements, education, experience, and cultural influences?


Mental health in the workplace: 5 ways to manage stress

mental health in the workplace

Stress caused by work can have one of the biggest impacts on our mental health. That’s why, for Mental Health Awareness Week, we have compiled five ways to manage your workplace stress.


The 5 most important soft skills of the future

soft skills future

It would appear that the goal of every second headline on the topic of “the future of work” is to instill an inherent fear in workers regarding what is to come and concerning the status of their careers and their future AI coworkers. The message seems to be: “Robots are coming for your jobs and there isn’t much you can do about it.” The former portion of this message is somewhat true, automation is on the rise, which will cause many positions to be filled by high-speed, data-crunching technology. But the latter, rather uninspiring portion, is not true. Working humans are not doomed as long as the companies they work for recognize the skills of the future and focus on building and developing the areas robots cannot do well.


How to be successful: 4 eBooks to secure success

how to be successful

Success is something we all want but something that looks different to everyone. But whatever success looks like to you, there are a few key elements to achieving it that can work for everyone. Check out our top 4 eBooks on success and achieving your goals.


Why audio is an essential part of your blended learning strategy

audio learning

While the idea of learning through listening has been around since the invention of the radio, thanks to their hands-free mobility, consumption of new auditory learning materials such as audiobooks and podcasts is rising at a rate of nearly 40 percent every year making it the fastest-growing format in publishing (1). Audio, particularly when paired with another learning material, is one of the most effective and engaging ways to learn (2). 


Time management tips: How to manage technology

managing technology

Technology: our best friend and worst enemy. Technology was not meant to infringe on relationships, family time, sleep or exercise. Nor was it expected to weaken executive skills such as attention and emotional control. Technology was meant to increase our personal productivity, make us more efficient and free up discretionary time so we are not slaves to our work. But in many cases, we have become slaves to technology.