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Author Archives: Sophie Tergeist

How to make great connections on LinkedIn

Mastering LinkedIn This article is based on the eBook “Mastering LinkedIn” by Karen Brown

Setting up a LinkedIn account and using it in the most effective way is not always easy. One of the important features of LinkedIn is the power of connecting its users. Many people forget that LinkedIn is first and foremost a social network, and, once you have set up your profile, then the main reason for using LinkedIn is to build up connections that will help you in your future career!  (more…)

PowerPoint 2010 Advanced: learn how to make charts

PowerPoint 2010 Advanced This article is based on the eBook PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

Are you about to prepare a serious PowerPoint presentation? Then don’t miss this extract from “PowerPoint 2010 Advanced”. There are multiple features on PowerPoint, and there’s always something new to learn. Have a closer look at how to make charts.  (more…)

Peter Freeth on how to enhance your potential

NLP - Skills for learning interviewed author Peter Freeth

Ever heard of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)? author Peter Freeth answers a few of our questions around his book  “NLP – Skills for learning” and explains how progress starts with what you tell your brain. Take a look!  (more…)

Self-confidence: go back to the roots and pull out the best in yourself

Personal Confidence and Motivation This article is based on the free eBook “Personal Confidence and Motivation”

The words self-confidence and motivation did not always exist in common conversation. They are expressions that emerged as skills became more technical and one started to analyse them at the same time as human behaviour. In the workplace, self-confidence and efficacy seem to be at the root of success. In this article, we will try to find out why…

Now, let us look at the contrary situation: a person who lacks self-confidence will often sit in a corner, not participate in conversations, which in turn leads to them to doing their work nonchallantly. This proves that self-confidence, motivation and efficacy go together and are vital in the working world. It is important to look at each one of these competences to find the root of their importance. (more…)