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Presentation skills: How do I handle tough questions and interjections?

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presentation skills

The top fear for presenters is questions or interjections that are loaded. Emotionally loaded. Individuals (and whole audiences) can be skeptical, resentful, annoyed, angry… the list is long. Here’s how to respond so that you gain respect, even from those who still disagree with your argument. …

3 Ways to Work Less But Achieve More

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less is more

Would you like to make more impact for less work in your business communications? We thought so! We’ll show you how….

An Introduction to Abeceder Quotation Conversations

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Person holding speech bubbles

It all started when I was given a copy of the third volume of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, as a birthday present….

Hi Tech Hi ‘Touch’

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Touch in a Covid environment means a relationship connection. Written by Bookboon Author, David Wright. 50 years ago, when technology was beginning to impact on the workplace, the vision was Hi Tech Hi Touch. This meant that as people began to stick their heads in computers (Hi Tech), they would also need good socialisation (Hi Touch) in order to sustain them in the workplace. In reality, we witnessed very little Hi Touch at the time. Many years later, employers started…

The Soft Skill “Self-Confidence”: Why Encouraging Your Employees is Vital

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Are your employees reaching their full potential?…

How to make great connections on LinkedIn

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The main reason for using LinkedIn is to build up connections that will help you in your future career! Have a closer look at this article. …

PowerPoint 2010 Advanced: learn how to make charts

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Are you about to prepare a serious PowerPoint presentation? Then don’t miss this extract from “PowerPoint 2010 Advanced”. …

Peter Freeth on how to enhance your potential

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Ever heard of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)? author Peter Freeth answers a few of our questions around his book “NLP – Skills for learning” and explains how progress starts with what you tell your brain. Take a look! …