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The Soft Skill “Self-Confidence”: Why Encouraging Your Employees is Vital

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There are a number of soft skills that are important in the 21st century workplace. Some, such as the soft skill self-confidence, you may not have considered as important. We all know what confidence is, but how many truly value it? What does it mean to have confidence in real terms? Are there measurable benefits? Yes, there are. Bookboon has a great solution to encourage confidence in your employees to make them feel better and become a great asset to your business. 

The economic difficulties of the last few years have unimaginably affected employee morale. Employees are expected to do more work for the same pay. Job instability and downsizing are still major concerns. One of the symptoms of this kind of pressure is lower confidence. This means that employees are not reaching their full potential. Their jobs and careers suffer as a result. In comparison to other soft skills, encouraging confidence requires a change in thinking, behaviour and attitude.

About the importance of the soft skill self-confidence in the workplace

Why is self-confidence important to your employees and to your business? Because confidence is central to most other soft skills and professional development. If your employees do not have confidence in their abilities and skills, they cannot possibly hope to develop.

Self-confidence …

  • is important to understand that making mistakes and failing are learning processes.
  • helps employees to make decisions.
  • helps employees to experience less fear about their roles.
  • leads to self-assuredness. In turn, this helps them control and use their emotions effectively.
  • helps your employees to work under pressure and to adapt.

Although this list is not exhaustive, it is a selection of some of the benefits of employee confidence. All other soft skills are hindered without the confidence to put them into action. Furthermore, those who truly get on in the workplace try new things and accept new responsibilities with glee. Confident employees explore their own personal development. Clearly, they are more of an asset to your business than somebody who lacks confidence.

About the implications of low self-confidence for your business

What is clear is that employees who do not have much self-confidence are not reaching their full potential. This is a bad situation for your employees, and the implications for your business are seriously profound, too.

Low self-confidence in employees…

  • means they will be too scared to make decisions.
  • means they will see mistakes as personal failings and will not push themselves.
  • will allow the daily stresses of work to get to them.
  • will lead them to use avoidance tactics and passing the buck.
  • leads to feelings of dread about the job and low morale.

It is clear that confident individuals are more successful than those who are not confident. People look up to, admire and feel the positive vibes from confident people and it rubs off onto others. However, it is down to business leaders to inspire confidence in their employees.

The solution to a self-confident workforce

As a forward-thinking and modern entrepreneur, you know that the right solution can improve employee productivity. This solution you will find in the range of eBooks from Bookboon’s eLibrary that encourages employees to develop soft skills such as self-confidence. Bookboon’s digital learning solution encourages your employees to learn at their own pace to develop their skills. Test Bookboon’s eLibrary with this free demo.