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Bringing Digital Learning to NHS Workers During COVID-19

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nhs learning

Few industries have escaped the immense challenges brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, one group of people have been impacted by these changes more than any other: the UK’s hardworking healthcare workers.  …

COVID-19 Is Providing a Needed Revolution to the Learning Industry

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COVID-19 is forcing a much-needed positive revolution to the learning industry. Results from our brand-new impact study reveal a paradigm shift in the world of corporate learning. COVID-19 is creating a number of clearly positive and permanent changes to the way companies learn….

The Top 4 eBooks for L&D professionals

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If you’re like many other L&D or HR professionals, your role has likely changed significantly over the last few weeks. The pandemic has brought with it a host of changes and we could all use a bit of help adjusting. That’s why I put together this list of what I believe are must-read eBooks for L&D and HR professionals at this time.  …

Coronavirus: The Top 7 ebooks and Podcasts to Get You Through Quarantine

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During these challenging times, it can be difficult to find structure and stability, particularly when working from home. That’s why I made a list of what we believe are Bookboon Learning’s best eBooks and podcasts to get you through this uncertain time. Don’t let a little bit of self-isolation stop you from achieving your personal and professional goals! Check them out here.  …

How to engage reluctant learners

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Engage reluctant learners

The process of nurturing proactive, self-directed learning is not the same for every employee. For many reasons, such as lack of time, lack of awareness or lack of access to relevant learning content, some employees will be more reluctant to engage in their own upskilling than others. Luckily, there are a few steps L&D professionals can take to engage even the most reluctant employees, boost engagement rates and secure a positive ROI.  …

Mobile learning: What you need to know

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Mobile learning

Nearly every aspect of modern life, from communication with loved ones to ordering food to booking a medical appointment, has gone mobile. And, over the last few years, learning has followed suit in a big way. According to our brand-new research, this is what you need to know about mobile learning….

The difference between soft skills and hard skills

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soft skills hard skills

Soft skills versus hard skills. What is the difference, really?…

New training and development blog: L&D trends 2020

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training and development blog

We have some good news. In December we launched Bookboon Learning’s new L&D blog. Throughout 2020 and beyond, our L&D blog will be a one-stop-shop for learning managers, HR professionals and anyone involved in talent development. Here’s what you’ll find on the blog. …