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Soft skills beat tech every time and this is why

Technology is changing the way we work, both as individuals and businesses. A whole host of exciting digital changes have paved the way for new ways of working, and these changes show no sign of slowing down.   (more…)

How soft skills can secure you a job in finance

The finance industry isn’t all about data entry and number crunching. In fact, now that AI is on the scene, the industry is on the hunt for individuals with strong soft skills. (more…)

What your soft skills are worth may surprise you

Soft skills such as communication, social intelligence and collaboration are essential to success in business. However, the true worth of these abilities is often overlooked in favor of more easily quantifiable skills such as typing, writing, and mathematics. Whilst all skills are certainly beneficial on both an individual and business level, the consistent undervaluing of soft skills is a subject which needs further discussion.   (more…)

Five Speed reading secrets to help you create more time in your day

Imagine if you could improve your reading speed, even if by just 20%. It would be like getting a free hour back for every five spent reading reports, emails, policies, legal documents… Many can improve by even more than that. You can get out from under your paperwork mountain more quickly by learning and applying a simple set of speed reading techniques. (more…)

Never stop working on your soft skills

Soft skills should always be a work in progress. Skills such as communication, teamwork, collaboration and social intelligence are things we improve on throughout our lives, with experience gained in both our personal lives and work lives only furthering our abilities.

In the current age of technical innovation, learning and development professionals are imploring businesses and individuals not to forget about soft skills. Investment in this area is more important than ever in today’s climate. We spoke to a select group of industry leaders to find out why they think we should all keep working on our soft skills, no matter what. (more…)

Blended Learning: Getting Your Learning Mix Right

Whether you are from the generation of rewarding good grades with scratch and sniff stickers, saving on actual floppy disks (Is that what that icon on my desktop is?) or wheeling TV’s into the classroom, at some point, many of us look back on the weird ways that we learned in school. Cue Blended Learning. 


What Soft Skills do you Need to Organise an Event to Remember?

If the term “work hard, play hard” applies to your career, you might work in events. As much as the stress of planning and coordinating will get to you, event organising is of the most exciting industries out there. A recent survey showed working in the events industry is one of the top 5 most stressful jobs in the world. However, the vast majority of event managers wouldn’t swap careers. (more…)

Time Management: The 90-Minute Rule of Scheduling

We often lie in bed at night and think “Right. Tomorrow I’m going to be productive. I’m going to check everything off of my list: wake up early, cook a healthy breakfast, organise my desk, answer all of my emails, crush my deadlines,  go for a run…” and the list goes on. Often we end up waking up with that same motivation but quickly become distracted and achieve less than half of what we set out to do. This can leave us feeling frustrated and cause us to put our tasks off until tomorrow once again. Rinse, repeat and what do you have? Well, you’ve got poor time management. Don’t worry, most of us do too.


Brexit: The Soft Skills you Would Need to Negotiate your own Deal

It is reportedly ‘a key moment in Brexit negotiations’ which would suggest that an agreement between the UK and the EU could be finalised any day now. Yet it appears that any solution could also be far from being on the horizon and those optimistic for a decision to be made soon will likely have to continue to be patient. (more…)

Lack of soft skills is costing you business

In this digital age both businesses and individuals are increasingly forgetful about the power of good old-fashioned people skills.  

The fact of the matter is that all companies rely entirely on the people working within them, and that’s what determines their success. So, people skills really do matter, both internally and externally in business. Here are four key reasons why you need to think about people skills within your workforce.   (more…)