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10 powerful quotes on soft skills

One of the reasons we started Bookboon so many years ago is because we truly believe that soft skills are at the core of any successful business and any successful career. And we’re more passionate than ever about the power that soft skills hold.  

Hence I love reading quotes from leading individuals in business, politics or media that iterate the importance of soft skills. Here are ten of my favourites.  (more…)

When the world’s most standardised company sees a need for soft skills…

In case studies and textbooks all over the world, people have studied the success of McDonald’s, which many attribute to the standardisation of its products, ways of working and branding.  

So when the business that is the epitome of efficiency and standardisation starts talking about soft skills, we’d better listen.   (more…)

The 5 most important soft skills according to science

Much has been written about the importance of soft skills in general, yet not many studies focus on which specific soft skills have the biggest impact on business success. 

That’s why Child Trends commissioned research in 2015 to find out what skills in particular would foster the highest level workforce success for those aged 15-29.*    (more…)

How to soften the blow of team members leaving

Have a look around your office and count your colleagues. Now imagine that one in three of them is thinking of leaving their job. That’s a staggering number, isn’t it? (more…)

Stop wasting money, stop ignoring soft skills

Soft skills trainingLearning and development managers are recognising soft skills as the number one learning priority for 2018.(1) But are businesses aware of the urgency?  (more…)

Learning at work week: Are graduates’ soft skills an employer’s responsibility?

What are the key skills that graduates are lacking according to their first bosses? Two years ago Payscale conducted a survey among nearly 64,000 managers and over 14,000 recent graduates to find out.*   (more…)

How to get your employees ready for a world full of robots

Artificial IntelligenceWith Artificial Intelligence and robotics on the rise we are on the verge of an automation revolution. 

According to the Word Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs” study in six out of ten jobs more than 30% of activities are technically automatable. The study suggests that 5 million jobs will be lost before 2020.* 

That’s less than two years from now… 

Does this mean humans will become obsolete? Far from it, even with advanced artificial intelligence there will still be a lot that computers won’t be able to handle without humans involved.    (more…)

Are your employees leaving due to a lack of training opportunities?

New research suggests that the majority of UK employees (63%) would switch employers if only they got more training opportunities.* That is a staggering number. Combine this with the fact that the average UK employee has gone two years without training and over 10% more than four years, this is revealing a big problem in the job market.

Employees realise (and experience) the impact of insufficient training themselves. Over 40% say they’re less productive due to the lack of training and over a quarter are worried this is impacting their career progression.



Are soft skills the new STEM?

The last few decades have seen many organisations call out for more investment into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills as a crucial backbone for the economy. While STEM skills are still increasingly a necessity, some businesses might underestimate the importance of soft skills. (more…)

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Face-to-Face Communication

Most salespeople would agree face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to make a sale. It’s a tactic that has proven itself over decades and not even digital communications have been able to change that. Are face-to-face meeting really that effective, and are there any downsides?  (more…)