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Networking tips: 6 tips for successful networking

Networking, especially if you are new to it, can be a daunting concept. Speaking to strangers while trying to pitch a product, service or yourself can feel unnatural and, frankly, scary! However, networking is one of the most effective ways to engage new clients, increase engagement and awareness of a brand, and grow as a business. Here are 6 tips for successful networking at corporate events. 


Effective meetings for managers: 6 ways to run a great meeting

How to run an effective meetingYou know the old saying: The ideal meeting is two, with one absent. Many top leaders believe that meetings are simply a waste of time but the truth is that only badly conducted meetings are a time-killer. Badly conducted meetings have no clear objectives or agenda, do not generate new ideas and are not lead effectively. Unfortunately, this likely sounds familiar to most modern workers and managers but it does not need to be. A good meeting can be informative, useful and even fun. They can prompt ideas, inspire decisions and drive progress and implementation. Meetings are an invaluable part of the communications that drive business and create success but in order to be effective, they need some preparation and some rules. Here are 6 ways to run a successful meeting.  (more..)

Meetings: Elon Musk Hates Them and You’re Probably Doing them Wrong

If your colleagues ever find themselves sitting in a room or on a conference call, looking around, wondering what on Earth they’re doing there, they have likely found themselves in a meeting. (more..)

Too Many Meetings to Deal With at Work?

Power-up your company’s meeting culture! Power-up your company’s meeting culture!


Here is how to make meetings work

Attending a meeting is almost an everyday responsibility at work. Morning meeting, staff meeting, information meeting, customer meeting, weekly meeting – whatever you call it – is something that consumes most of the employees’ time and energy while in the workplace. Most of the time, it is viewed as an exhausting and stressful event which drains energy from the participants rather than boosting them. Common effects after this are stress, depression, and even demotivation. Well, this only occurs when unplanned and bad meetings are constantly happening. If meetings are conducted in a better way, the result will be a lot different. Use ice breakers, warm-ups, energizers and other group exercises to maintain enthusiasm during a meeting…