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Essential Tips: How to Bridge the Gap between Managers and Generation-Y

My eBook ‘Bridge the Generation-Y Gap’ helps provide context, understanding and some valuable tools on how to work with Generation-Y. The book also offers insight on the foundation of the different value systems. Part of working with people is due to the understanding of one’s own thought processes. Therefore the “How To” section offers specific tools for leaders, managers, teachers and parents that can assist with Self-management, as well as Identifying, Managing, Motivating and Rewarding Generation-Y. The book also provides insight for Human Resources (HR) when interviewing and selecting the appropriate candidates for staff placement and talent development.


Authentic Leadership: Discover the Secret of Happy and Effective Leaders

Authentic leadership is much more than another leadership style – after all what is leadership if it is not the ability to inspire others to follow you? Authentic leadership is about being true to yourself and bringing your true you to your leadership role. It offers the possibility of being both a fulfilled and effective leader.

Being a Great Manager is About Being a Leader

The 21st century has seen some fundamental changes in how managers carry out their work. There are many different management styles today. No matter the organisation, a manager at his or her core still needs to be a leader.  In the race to redefine management and leadership, are we perhaps losing this very basic management skill? It is an essential soft skill to being in a supervisory or management position. If you feel that your managers lack it, Bookboon has the solution.


Leadership Skills Help Your Employees and Your Business to Grow

Without leadership, your business is directionless. Leadership is the rudder for the crew, and it’s a rudder we all need in our personal arsenal. It is not just for managers. This soft skill encourages personal responsibility and a desire to pull together in a crisis.

The culture of shirking responsibility with “that’s above my paygrade” is doing irreparable damage to your business productivity. We are all leaders in a way, even those at the bottom of the scale of pay or responsibility. It’s relatively straightforward to encourage each and every employee to see himself or herself as a leader. Bookboon delivers a simple but highly effective solution to foster the soft skill leadership in your employees. Here is how… (more…)

Leadership Skills: How to Use Leadership Theory to Your Advantage

Do you want to create a stronger and more competent workforce? Do you want to create a stronger and more competent workforce?

As an employer, you know how important it is to hire workers with strong soft skills, especially with strong leadership skills. But many employers and hiring managers are not clear about exactly what makes a good leader in the workplace. You have probably heard that effective leaders possess personal characteristics and behavioral traits that contribute to their effectiveness. As you interview prospective employees, you may look for character traits such as maturity, confidence, and drive.

However, current leadership theory reveals that many distinguished leaders often lack the qualities most often associated with leadership. It turns out that good employees without some of these traits can learn to become strong, effective leaders.  (more…)

3 Simple Tips to Become a Successful Leader

What successful leaders do. What successful leaders do.

What is a successful person? That definition may vary from person to person. Regardless of your opinions on what signifies or creates a successful person, no one can attain their full potential or reach their highest level of success without adequate and effective leadership skills.

In order to look toward attaining your highest level of success, you must first consider your leadership style. There are several different kinds of leaders and there are several different leadership styles. Research shows that higher ranking people are told less about their performance, and their self-evaluations result in them ranking themselves higher than others would honestly rank them.  (more…)

Gap Analysis: Dealing With Your Current and Desired State

Daily Planning will get you there! Daily Planning will get you there!

As part of the strategies for ultimate success discussed in our previous article, daily planning is really an important element. There are actually seven simple reasons why you need to choose to plan on a daily basis.

Here is a list of reasons…

How to become a sensational leader

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The word sensational means both using the senses as well as being fantastic. Sensational Leadership implies that you are also listening and sensing in a way that encourages others to follow. There is absolutely no force or coercion necessary when you are attracting followers sensationally. Authentically attracting followers with sensational leadership can and will make you feel more vulnerable, but is that something to fear?


3 Tips to develop your personal leadership

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Are you thinking of moving into a manager role or would you like to improve your leadership skills? Learn how to develop your strengths and work on your weaknesses. These guidelines can help you to become the best manager you can be. Read on…


Become the leader you are

Download “Become the leader you are” here!

I recently had the opportunity to make a micro-presentation on my coaching approach to a group of internationally-based leaders. One of the points I emphasised was my belief that we all deliver our best by being who we are – and for most of us that means learning how to become who we are.

My belief comes from long experience of working with leaders who struggle to meet the models that other people expect them to conform to, and who feel liberated when they experience the ease – and for many, a personal peace – that comes with accepting and embracing that they are who they are. They invariably experience a parallel energy, even exhilaration, and a focus that mean that they leverage their strengths with courage and assertiveness, communicate powerfully on what matters to them, and – fascinatingly – empower their teams to deliver authentically on the vision they’ve communicated.