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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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Why soft skills should be at the heart of your people strategy

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people strategy

It’s time companies began to invest in developing their biggest cost factor: the people who make the organisation tick. …

6 essential reasons to invest in soft skills development

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invest in soft skills

The organisations of the future must invest in their employees and company alike by providing training and development opportunities that will allow their staff to hone the skills of the future: soft skills. …

Employee development: 6 key influencers to employee motivation

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There are a number of key influences on creating positive feelings towards their own training and therefore motivating individuals to work towards completing it. Here are 6 key influencers to employee motivation. …

Why Emotional Intelligence should be part of your L&D offering

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emotional intelligence

Many employers have recognised an employees’ ability to harness and manage their emotions as a major contributor to improved performance at work and therefore a skill to hone and develop. Let’s look at 7 reasons emotional intelligence should be a part of every L&D offering. …

Lifelong learning: How to create lifelong learners with L&D

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lifelong learning skills

Learning should not stop the moment one leaves university or becomes comfortable in a position. In fact, learning at work, specifically when it comes to interpersonal skills, should become a lifelong aspect of every career and an important investment for every organisation…

Soft skills beat software: Why humans will be the future of tech

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soft skills

The tech industry is beginning to realise the value and necessity of soft skills and is putting people at the core of everything they do….

6 ways Bookboon makes L&D managers’ lives easier

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To empower professionals to succeed, we need to make it easy for L&D teams to bring that content and those tools to their co-workers. That’s why we developed our corporate eLibrary – with currently over 1,700 eBooks on soft skills and personal development – in a way that not just focuses on the usability for end users but also making it effortless for L&D managers to implement and maintain. …

What is personal development?

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Almost as if the clue is in the name, personal development is a very personal journey. The skills one individual would like to improve or develop won’t be the same as those of the next person.

Let’s look at some of the most common personal skills people look to develop….