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8 ways to ensure your learning offering meets the newest learning trends

learning and development trends

The current learning climate is ever-changing and along with it, so are the needs of our learners. No two employees are the same and neither are their learning needs but there are some trends among modern learners that, if learning professionals take note of, will ensure training is engaging and relevant for every single employee. Here are 8 ways to ensure your learning solution is up to date with the needs of the modern learner.


The 7 benefits of digital learning


As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, technology has changed many aspects of the modern workplace such as how we work, how we communicate and even how we plan our weeks. But it would appear that one vital component to professional life is lagging behind: learning.

Many companies know the benefits of a professional environment with a focus on upskilling and growth yet continue to only offer their employees learning and development opportunities through costly and time-draining classroom-based training rather than making learning more effective by combining it with digital learning.


The top 7 digital learning mistakes

To keep up with the ever-changing world of tech, virtually every industry from banking to entertainment to travel to shopping has become increasingly digitalised and, naturally, the Learning & Development industry is on board as well. Over the past few years, L&D has seen a significant increase in usage of eLearning both replacing and blending with traditional face-to-face training. Although the benefits of digitalisation, such as cost-savings, learning at the point of need and a faster turnaround on skills, do outweigh the challenges, as with any type of substantial change, mistakes do happen.

Let’s have a look at the 7 most common eLearning mistakes L&D professionals should avoid.  


8 ways to improve the quality of your L&D offering

When assessing the needs of an organisation, L&D professionals know that most companies have a gap in soft skills that needs to be filled by training and personal development. Encouraging employees to engage in their own soft skills development comes down to many factors but one of the most integral is that the content L&D professionals are providing to their employees is actually of a high quality.


8 vital steps for an easy to use eLearning platform

easy to use learning platformImagine for a moment trying to keep up with the daily tasks of the workplace whilst also investing in your personal development. You’ve set time aside to improve your time management skills using your company’s learning platform. It takes you nearly 10 minutes to figure out how to log in and access the system. Next, it takes you several minutes to find anything related to time management. Now you can’t seem to open the relevant content. Your excitement wavers and you give up.  (more..)

6 ways Bookboon makes L&D managers’ lives easier

landdmanagerWhen my brother and I started Bookboon, we had a vision to make learning more accessible, practical and effective, giving people the right personal development content and tools to keep growing throughout their professional careers. This is still at the core of everything we do at Bookboon and everything we plan on doing.  

To empower professionals to succeed, we need to make it easy for L&D teams to bring that content and those tools to their co-workers. That’s why we developed our corporate eLibrary – with currently over 1,700 eBooks on soft skills and personal development – in a way that not just focuses on the usability for end users but also making it effortless for L&D managers to implement and maintain.   (more..)

Why eBooks are a great addition to your learning strategy

ebookWith all the learning solutions available for organisations today, it can be difficult for L&D professionals to wade through and find one that works for their organisation. However there is one training format that has both adapted with technology and stood the test of time: eBooks. Studies have found that learners overwhelming prefer to train through reading digitally. Here are 4 reasons to implement eBooks into your learning strategy.  (more..)

How to get the most out of your eLearning experience

eLearning is a fantastic tool for the busy professional looking to improve soft or hard skills in within or outside of their role, learn a brand new skill or language or stay on top of industry trends. There is almost no limit to the knowledge one can acquire through eLearning on topics anywhere from mindfulness and mental health to time management and managing stress to cryptocurrency and speed reading.


Here are six ways to ensure your eLearning experience is as effective as it can be. (more..)

Going Digital: Old School vs. New Learning

Access to information is now more widespread than ever before and many organisations are jumping on the digital transformation trend. Most of us have access to a desktop at work and likely a laptop at home as well as a handy mobile device in our pocket or purse. In its 2015 mobility report, telecommunications company, Ericsson, predicted that 70% of the world’s population will be using smartphones by 2020. (more..)