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Why eBooks are a great addition to your learning strategy

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With all the learning solutions available for organisations today, it can be difficult for L&D professionals to wade through and find one that works for their organisation. However there is one training format that has both adapted with technology and stood the test of time: eBooks. Studies have found that learners overwhelming prefer to train through reading digitally. Here are 4 reasons to implement eBooks into your learning strategy. 


ebookseBooks are searchable

eBooks allow learners to search through a piece of learning material for a particular topic or section they are looking for, a feature somewhat unique to learning through eBooks. The ability to search through an eBook or possibly an entire digital library in seconds puts eBooks ahead of the pack for busy workers and time-limited learners. Learning can be a more intensive activity than simply browsing through a book in your spare time and having search features makes completing training that much easier and faster. It’s also simple to bookmark pages, highlight important passages and add notes to an eBook.

eBooks help with retention

Employees are more likely to remember the information they read digitally and therefore apply it sooner. Reading eBooks has been shown to be advantageous when it comes to learning and retaining information. Bite-sized training material such as short, comprehensive eBooks is a great learning solution as it allows learners to consume training materials efficiently. Learners also report consuming information via eReading more quickly with a better comprehension of the material. When you combine user preference and the improved efficiency and understanding of reading digital content, eBooks are a great way to provide training solutions.

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ebookeBooks are available online and offline

Over 50% of the world’s population has access to the Internet yet learners don’t always have access to a WiFi connection. eBooks aren’t dependent on connectivity.

In order to ensure that an Internet connection does not hamper the learning process, eBooks are downloadable and mobile. Learners can select training content, download it and read it from anywhere. Learners engage better with content if they can read it from a range of digital devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones.

eBooks are flexible

One of the plusses of eBooks is the flexibility they offer. eBooks are portable, so, employees will be able to fit self-training in with their own schedules and learn on the go whenever and wherever they desire. Deloitte’s modern learner research found that employees can only spare about 1% of their weekly work time on personal and professional development. That amounts to about 24 minutes a week. Using portable digital tools like eBooks flexibly will allow employees to work on professional development whenever they can.


Learning with Technology

Self-paced learning through eBooks encourages learners to take responsibility for their own learning and facilitates the pursuit of lifelong learning. Learn more about why eBooks are a great addition to your current learning strategy with Samuel A Malone's "Learning with Technology".

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