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Visual notetaking essentials: A picture really does paint a thousand words

Do you want to be able to capture large amounts of information in a short space of time? Visual notetaking describes the real time process of converting what you; see, think and hear, into a series of images and words. This holistic approach will have you creating visually stunning, useful and engaging notes in no time. (more…)

“I hate my job”: How badly do you need a career change?

Why exactly are you thinking about changing your job? Is it because you often feel anxious when you are at work? Are you always secretly planning an escape? What makes you want to leave your current job? The important question is, why? (more…)

Grow or die! Is the growth choice really that stark?

For many organisations, and certainly most businesses, ‘grow or die’ is a virtually unchallenged mantra. Growth is even the key objective of national economies and shrinkage in GDP two quarters in a row has its own negative descriptor, recession. Adrian Faiers questions whether this is right. (more…)

What is LinkedIn? And why should you use it?

Today there are many social media platforms – like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – all offering the chance to network. But only LinkedIn offers a purely business network where members can find out more about your professional situation. (more…)

Why do some insurance companies buy insurance from other insurance companies?

In our first eBook entitled “Principles of Insurance”, it is shown that the insurer will compensate the policyholder who experiences negative economic consequences from a specified insurable event such as fire to residential property, death of a life or diagnosis of a critical illness. For this protection, the policyholder pays a premium to the insurer.

From problem-based learning to coaching and mentoring: An overview of experiential learning models

Experiential learning is learning acquired through action and practice. We learn by interacting with others engaged in meaningful tasks. Here’s an overview of the main experiential learning models. (more…)

6 steps to mindful living (video)

Our top author of Uncovering Mindfulness, Paul Mudd, has listed 6 simple steps to welcoming mindfulness into your life. What are you waiting for? Click play!


What is gamification? A definition

Gamification definitionWhen I go to networking events or speak to friends and I introduce myself as a gamification designer, immediately the response tends to be: “What is that? You said gam-i-fy…what?”  (more…)

The limits of the human mind: 4 fascinating examples

Even artificial intelligence scientists say the human mind is the most sophisticated entity they know of. However, the human mind is far from perfect and the following show just four of its limits. (more…)

7 essential components for your Customer Journey Map

Customer Journeys are the modern version of customer processes. They describe how customers will travel from a desire to an outcome. If you want to put the customer at the heart of your business, ensuring long-term success, Customer Journey Mapping is something
you will have to do to get there. Find out the essential components of a good Customer Journey Map.