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Managing diversity: 3 tools to manage diversity

managing diversity

The world really is becoming smaller. Social and technological advancements have allowed us to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce than ever before. There are many benefits to having a diverse workforce such as increased innovation and adaptability, reaching a broader market and improved productivity. This, as well as ensuring employees feel safe and educated on diversity, makes it extremely important that leaders within organisations know how to manage diversity. That’s why we’ve compiled 3 of our best eBooks to help you run a diverse and successful workplace.


5 teamwork books you can’t miss

Teamwork may make the dream work but managing a team doesn’t always feel like a dream. That’s why we have put together a list of the top 5 teamwork eBooks you just can’t miss. Check them out below! Tip: Click on the images throughout the blog to download your eBooks.


Communication skills: 5 key steps to Active Listening

Have you ever been telling a story only to discover that, halfway through what you believed was fascinating information, the person to whom you were speaking to is seemingly not actually paying attention to what you are saying? As annoying as this may be perhaps you have also been on the other end and have spent less time listening to a friend’s story and more time coming up with your next interjection in the conversation. Both of these situations are examples of times in which one party is not actively listening to the other.


Lifelong learning: How to create lifelong learners with L&D

lifelong learning skills

‘I am still learning’ Michelangelo said at age 87, two years before his death. Although the Italian artist and architect’s famous quote was written in the 1560s, it can still be applied today, more than ever, to the modern workplace.


Presentation skills: 10 questions to prepare a great presentation

presentation skills

Being asked to give a public presentation is gratifying and frightening. The gratification is natural since you can assume your innate talents have been noted, your expertise acknowledged and your humility respected! How rare is that? The feeling of fright is also entirely natural – caused mainly by the uncertainty and the unknown. But you can overcome a fear of public speaking. Indeed it is typically tackled by solid preparation and planning which are the essential attributes for effective presentations but there are also a number of questions to ask beforehand that can guarantee you give a sensational presentation.


Networking tips: 6 tips for successful networking

Networking, especially if you are new to it, can be a daunting concept. Speaking to strangers while trying to pitch a product, service or yourself can feel unnatural and, frankly, scary! However, networking is one of the most effective ways to engage new clients, increase engagement and awareness of a brand, and grow as a business. Here are 6 tips for successful networking at corporate events. 


How to have a productive day

We have all been there: It’s the end of the workday and you look at your to-do list that has somehow grown rather than shrunk and wonder how it is possible. Productivity is a seemingly difficult skill to master but by simply changing a few of your daily habits, you can make today, tomorrow and (almost) every day as productive as possible. Let’s look at what an ideal productive day would look like.


Motivation skills for managers: 6 Steps to improve employees’ motivation

motivation skillsThere are many reasons employees might be lacking in motivation and it is up to managers not only to be motivated themselves but also use their leadership skills to motivate their employees. Motivation and inspiration do come and go naturally for everyone but there are a few steps managers can take to encourage and influence staff to remain inspired and motivated in both the short and long-term. (more…)

Work-life balance for parents: 5 tips

work life balance for parents

School’s out for summer! A very exciting time for kids and, while happy to have them home full-time, a possibly stress-inducing time for working parents. According to Fit for Work, half of the UK’s 11 million working parents say their work-life balance is a source of stress with many feeling a sense of guilt that they cannot give their work or home life as much time as energy as they would like to. 


The next Prime Minister: 6 soft skills for the UK’s next leader

Following the recent stepping down of Conservative leader Theresa May, the UK will see a new politician move into the role of Prime Minister this week. While there is still some speculation over to who will fill May’s shoes, Britains next PM will require a specific set of skills to get the job done. Regardless of who becomes the next PM, we thought it would be interesting to think about which of our books could help him fulfill the role Here are the 6 soft skills the UK’s next Prime Minister will need.