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How You Can Help Your Employees Develop Stress Management


The stresses in the modern workplace are innumerable. We have undergone a fundamental shift in workplace culture in the last decade. Regardless of the causes, it is now a fact of life. It means more work for employees and more pressure for everybody from top to bottom. Unfortunately, more work and fewer staff leads to more stress. Today, the ability to cope with stress is vital in the workplace, but not everybody is able to adapt. Read on to find out how you can help your employees embrace difficulties and develop stress management.  (more…)

Stress Symptoms: The Mechanics and Causes

Stressed at work or stressor at work? Stressed at work or stressor at work?

Understanding the mechanics of work related stress

Working in the 21st century environment is a lot easier if we are going to consider the technological advancement we have. However, the present time also triggers many work-related stress that if not handled well may cause illnesses and disorders.

Stress is “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demands placed on them. It arises when they perceive that they are unable to cope with those demands”.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is the ticket for being happy and compassionate. Mindfulness is the ticket for being happy and compassionate.


Introduce mindfulness into your daily life

In 2015 £23.5M was spent in the UK on self-help books. In 2014 the self-help publishing market grew by 15%, while the general interest and fiction categories grew by only 1%.

It was Aristotle who first promulgated the concept of self-healing, but the term self-help dates back to just 1859, when the Scottish reformer Samuel Smiles published his then best seller, simply called – yes, you’ve guessed it – ‘Self-Help’: and his thesis was a simple one; changing individual behaviour would be a better remedy for society’s ills than changing the law.

Mindfulness though is more than a simple self-help remedy, or fad. In fact, it has an extremely long pedigree having been around for over 2,500 years and although it is not a religion its influence can be seen in Judaism & the Kabala, Sufism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism.

Gap Analysis: Dealing With Your Current and Desired State

Daily Planning will get you there! Daily Planning will get you there!

As part of the strategies for ultimate success discussed in our previous article, daily planning is really an important element. There are actually seven simple reasons why you need to choose to plan on a daily basis.

Here is a list of reasons…

A Simple Tip to Become Successful: “PPPPP”

PPPPP stands for “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. PPPPP stands for “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”.

Everybody in this world aims to be successful. Though success is viewed differently, either by people or companies, the process on how to achieve it seems to be same for all. Success is not instant – it has to be worked on and it requires planning all the time. If you want to be successful, either in life or in business, you must aim to do well every day.


Interrupted at Work? 12 Ways to Control Phone Calls

12 simple tips to control the effect of phone calls on your working day 12 simple tips to control the effect of phone calls on your working day

Answering and making phone calls can be very distractive. One can never know how long each call can be. Calls can lessen one’s productivity and efficiency most especially when not handled well.

Based on studies published in the “Wall Street Journal” in 1997, an average employee receives 31 phone calls a day. That’s quite a huge number considering the status of technology of that time. Taking into consideration the availability of communication tools nowadays, that number may be doubled at present. With the advances technology offers, plus all the applications available on and offline, reaching someone is a lot easier.

To control the effect of phone calls on your working day, keep in mind these 12 simple reminders.


Socializing and Networking: How to Control Your Own Productivity

Socializing and Networking Beginner’s guide to more productivity at work.

Socializing and networking – there is a very thin line between these two. Well, both of them sound just the same. The distinction between the two lies on the topic of conversation. When it is work related, such as career issues in your workplace, it is generally “networking”. If it is not, then it’s a plain socializing.

If socializing is conducted on breaks, lunch times, or after work, this can’t be classified as interruption at all. However, when socializing is done during working hours, it becomes a distraction that affects the productivity of your group. On the other hand, networking interruptions need to be focused and mindful of time constraints to lessen its effect on one’s productivity. (more…)

3 essential tips to eliminating stress in the workplace

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Unfortunately, stress is a part of everyday life, especially in the business world, and according to statistics from The Huffington Post, its rising at an alarming rate. Consider a survey conducted in 2012, by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Everett University, where over a thousand workers were contacted by phone, and 73% of them reported being stressed out at work. Just a year later, in 2013, that figure rose to 83% and Captain Obvious reports that’s a whopping ten percent rise in just one year.

How to Reduce Occupational Stress

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‘The magnificent man is like an artist; for he can see what is fitting and spend large sums tastefully’



1. Introduction to Stress

Stress, anxiety and depression are found in all people and in all cultures, industries, economies and societies, regardless of the education, social status or economic background of the individuals concerned. This is due to a variety of reasons, but mostly because of the high and extremely demanding aspects of their workplace.

The fact is that most adults, all over the world, spend the largest if not a substantial part of their lives working in private companies or public organizations. Whether they are employed in Canada, the U.S., or Australia, in a high-technology startup in Eat Asia, a financial institution in England or Germany, or a garment factory in the Dominican Republic or India, they experience extreme occupational stress.
Also they are not engaged at all in their work!


Top 5 stress management books

stress managementSome of us find it easier than others to sit back and relax after a long day at work or uni. We have made a selection of our top 5 stress management ebooks which will help you to unwind and make the most out of your spare time!

Check out practical tips for relaxation here: