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Tag: Goals

3 key principles for success

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In today’s world, it is more important than ever to cut through the noise and stand out to be successful. Whether that is through building your own venture or having a more corporate career, the end game is to achieve what you define as your success. Here are three key steps to success. …

Self-advocacy: How to get what you want in the workplace

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self advocacy

Is there something you feel you deserve at work but don’t know how to ask for? Perhaps it’s a raise you feel you are due or a promotion to a more senior position or perhaps it’s simply to have your ideas heard. Regardless, achieving what you want in the workplace comes down to a few factors but one of the most important is your own self-advocacy….

How to have a productive day

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We have all been there: It’s the end of the workday and you look at your to-do list that has somehow grown rather than shrunk and wonder how it is possible. By simply changing a few of your daily habits, you can make today as productive as it can be….

6 reasons we procrastinate

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why we procrastinate

‘I’m definitely going to stop procrastinating. As soon as I get around to it.’

How many times have you begun your week full of good intentions, swearing you won’t let yourself be distracted and that you’ll get things done only to find that you’re spending time mindlessly scrolling Facebook, falling into a Youtube spiral, or worse, reading blogs about time management… 
How is that possible? You swear you just want to get your work done and yet you keep on getting distracted. Turns out, you’re pretty good at procrastinating. There are many reasons we procrastinate. Let’s look at 6: …

Goal setting: How to set goals and achieve them

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goal setting

When we think about our lives we tend to ask the same questions:  What do I want? Am I happy? What does success mean to me? The question we often forget to ask is: How am I going to achieve my goals? The answer is smart goal setting. …

Shaping a Successful Future: How to Discover and Visualise Your Goals

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Are you living the life you desire?…

Why Goals are Essential for a Successful Future

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Do you ever feel like you lack direction? …