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Why Goals are Essential for a Successful Future

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Do you ever feel like you lack direction? That you work hard but don’t seem to get anywhere worthwhile? Maybe this is because you haven’t spent enough time thinking about what you really want from life. If this is the case, then the process of setting yourself formal goals is ideal to help you figure out your future and motivate yourself to turn your vision of the future into reality. 

We believe that success and happiness don’t just happen. You need to take action to turn your dream into reality. Set yourself goals, think positively and strive to be the best you can be.” (J. Stephenson & A. Galloway)

Studies consistently show that having goals makes a significant difference in creating success. The biographies of high achievers throughout history confirm this research. This is because when you know precisely what you want to achieve, you will know where you have to concentrate your efforts.

Setting clearly defined goals allows you to measure them and take pride in the achievement of these goals. Essentially, they give you direction and focus, so that you know exactly where you want to be and how to get there.


So why is it that so few people actively set goals?

There are many reasons why people avoid setting goals, such as fear of failure, lack of time, know-how or self-confidence. Or maybe you just think that it’s too difficult? Often, lack of motivation, limiting beliefs or inner conflicts are the obstacles that we need to resolve in order to achieve our goals. By pinpointing negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones, we can overcome them.

You have a choice

Either you carry on living from day to day, just letting things happen to you – which won’t stop you from feeling unhappy with your life – or you can start to take control and exert some influence over what happens. If you don’t want to look back on your life with regrets (“If only I’d …“), the only way forward is to start setting yourself goals.


Setting and achieving goals leads to a positive and successful life

To begin with, they don’t need to be big goals – start small, just so long as they ignite your passion and inspire you to take action. You will soon realise that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to, if you are prepared to work for it!

This, in turn, will positively influence your day-to-day life:

Once you see how simple it is to formulate your goals, you will feel more energised and everything you do will become easier.

The eBook Your Future: From dream to reality by Anne Galloway and Jane Stephenson offers step-by-step advice on how to formulate your plans clearly, take action and stay motivated throughout the process towards achieving your goal.


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