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Author Archives: Christine Funk

Marketing & Social Media Manager

When it’s all up to you: How to decide what to decide

Everyone has to make a number of decisions in their professional lives. Some decisions are trivial, others can have long-term consequences. How can you make sure your decisions are sound and balanced?  (more..)

How to be in charge without being a control freak

As a manager, you want to and should know what your direct reports are doing and if the projects you’ve been assigned with are being executed as planned. How do you do that without the negative side-effects of seeming too controlling?  (more..)

Planning Skills: 7 Tips (Not Only) for Managers

If you are responsible for a project – either because you have a management position or because you’ve been assigned to head a specific venture – you need to have a good implementation plan. Planning, however, isn’t something that just happens. It’s a skill that needs to be acquired.  (more..)

Great Leadership: See Things Through Someone Else’s Eyes

While both the first and the second part of this article series dealt with managing your own emotions, in this final part we will turn our attention to the emotions of the people around you.  (more..)

How to Boost Communication Within Your Company: Talking To Stakeholders

In the first article, you learned about individual requirements for communicating professionally. In this article, we will examine what successful communication looks like across departments and business units.  (more..)

Great Leadership: Be the Boss of Your Emotions

This article series is about successful and great leadership with emotional intelligence. In the first part, we examined how you can become more aware of your emotional state at any given moment. In this article, we want to discuss what you can do about it.  (more..)

Great Leadership: Take a Look at Yourself

Great leaders aren’t great only because of their expertise. They are great because they inspire those they lead to do great things, to fully explore their potential. How do you become such a leader? Of course, there are many varieties of great leadership – but they all have one common denominator. It’s called “emotional intelligence”.  (more..)

How to Boost Communication Within Your Company: Start With Yourself

Professional communication structures and efficient knowledge sharing are more important than ever for any company. They reduce unnecessary mistakes and failures and boost efficiency and productivity. (more..)

Altering Old Habits with Change Management

In life, the only constant is constant change. If a business does not adapt to the changes going on around it, it fails. Yet there is a disconnect in that humans are creatures of habit. We resist change even when we identify the changes are for the better. Being adaptable and embracing change management is an important soft skill in the modern workplace and perhaps one of the hardest to impart.  (more..)

How to Resolve Disputes: All it Takes is One Simple Skill (OK, Strike “Simple”)

Disputes within a company, either between two individuals, between rival team members or employees from different departments, can quickly turn into internal fights that are bad for everyone involved. If you want to help resolve them, you need to do something that is much harder than it sounds: You need to listen actively.  (more..)