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Does Strategic Thinking Set Top Managers Apart?

Or is strategic thinking simply woolly thinking dressed up as something important by charismatic con artists? Conversely, how helpful is it for CEOs and their c-suite colleagues to obsess about strategy? (more…)

Time management: what is metacognition?

Making decisions isn’t always easy and can take up huge amounts of time. Time you might be able to spend more effectively elsewhere. Being aware of your own thought processes will ensure that you’ll spend less time on making substantial life and business-related decisions. Learn more about it by reading this article.



When it’s all up to you: How to decide what to decide

Everyone has to make a number of decisions in their professional lives. Some decisions are trivial, others can have long-term consequences. How can you make sure your decisions are sound and balanced?  (more…)

The ABC of Sustainable Development – Not the XYZ


I reside in Sweden, a country which generates over 40% of its electricity needs from hydropower. Its neighbour, a country I stayed in for the previous eight years, generates almost all its needs from hydropower and at times, has surplus to export to what is called the Nordic Grid up here in Europe. I gather that about 15% of the total electricity needs of Indians, is fulfilled by hydroelectricity. The current installed capacity is a little over 42 GW and the plants operate at an average capacity factor of around 32% (in other words the electricity supplied by them is 32% of the maximum they could supply). Can the percentage share be increased further?  (more…)

Decision Making: Without This Soft Skill, Nothing Will Get Done

Foster a “decision making” culture! Foster a “decision making” culture!

What soft skills do businesses most value? Is it empathy? Flexibility? Perhaps it is a “can do” attitude? What value do you place on decision-making? We all make decisions every day – in the workplace and at home.

Some people do not have the confidence to make the big decisions, feeling they will be blamed if it goes wrong. Many people simply want to get their heads down, do their work and go home. However, this approach can be damaging to your business. You need to encourage employees to think about the rewards as well as the risks. There is a simple solution to this.  (more…)

The Strategic Decision Making Process in Meetings

How to take and influence decisions of people with a specific strategy? How to take and influence decisions of people with a specific strategy?

How to Take and Influence Decisions of Others

Decision making is one of the hardest things people do in their lives. May it be personal or work-related, it requires basis and time before it gets finalized. Different people have different decision strategies. Some people decide based on their position in the company. Some based their decisions on their previous experiences. Some seek for advice before they can decide.

Knowing how people decide can give you a hint on how to influence their decisions. It can also suggest ways on how to take their choices positively. (more…)