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Tag: decision making

6 soft skills the UK’s next Prime Minister will need

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general election

On election day in the UK, we break down some of the soft skills Britain’s next Prime Minister will need….

Brexit: The Soft Skills you Would Need to Negotiate your own Deal

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Brexit negotiations are underway but aren’t moving quickly. What if you stepped in? These are the Soft Skills you would need to negotiate your own Brexit deal. …

Does Strategic Thinking Set Top Managers Apart?

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What sets top managers apart? Learn more by reading the following article! …

Time management: what is metacognition?

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Are you managing your time efficiently? Have a look at this new article based on a book by Harold Taylor….

When it’s all up to you: How to decide what to decide

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Everyone has to make a number of decisions in their professional lives. Some decisions are trivial, others can have long-term consequences. How can you make sure your decisions are sound and balanced? …

The ABC of Sustainable Development – Not the XYZ

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Stumped by the frequent use of the words “Sustainable Development”? Then read the this article!…

Decision Making: Without This Soft Skill, Nothing Will Get Done

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Foster a “decision making” culture!

As a manager, do you know why you should encourage a decision-making culture in your organisation?…

The Strategic Decision Making Process in Meetings

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Hoe beslissingen te nemen en de beslissingen van mensen met een specifieke strategie te beïnvloeden.

Learn more about this plus some bonus tips……