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Sustainable development: How to make your learning more sustainable 

Sustainability is a word that is thrown around frequently these days and increasingly so in the business world. Many organisations around the world are making changes to their business models to meet the three pillars of sustainability: environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability. By diversifying the workforce, implementing recycling programs and making budget decisions based on long-term growth, organisations are already making choices that benefit a sustainable future. However, many of these organisations are ignoring a single factor that, through making small changes, can have one of the largest impacts on an organisation’s sustainability: employee development.


Successful Training and Development

Training sessions are aiming at maximizing employee potential at work. There are a couple key points that you will want to consider in order to prepare a successful training session. Learn more by reading the following article!  (more..)

The ABC of Sustainable Development – Not the XYZ


I reside in Sweden, a country which generates over 40% of its electricity needs from hydropower. Its neighbour, a country I stayed in for the previous eight years, generates almost all its needs from hydropower and at times, has surplus to export to what is called the Nordic Grid up here in Europe. I gather that about 15% of the total electricity needs of Indians, is fulfilled by hydroelectricity. The current installed capacity is a little over 42 GW and the plants operate at an average capacity factor of around 32% (in other words the electricity supplied by them is 32% of the maximum they could supply). Can the percentage share be increased further?  (more..)