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5 creative thinking books you can’t miss

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creative thinking

Creative thinking is a way of looking at a situation or problem and coming up with unique ideas or solutions to improve or solve it. It is one of the top 5 soft skills of the future and contrary to popular belief, this in-demand skill can be learned. Let’s look at our top 5 eBooks that promote and improve creative thinking. …

Teamwork: The 4 most important teamwork skills

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teamwork skills

In most companies, employers expect workers to be able to work with or as part of a team. In fact, strong teamwork skills are a requirement for many roles and the soft skills that make a strong team member will become increasingly important to future-proofing a career. Let’s have a look at the 4 most important teamwork skills….

Creative problem solving: The GROW model for problem solving in India

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creative problem solving

Use this simple, straightforward model from the 80s is the solution to your modern problems and conflicts….

Creative problem-solving: the 4 principles of creative problem-solving

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creative problem solving

We all have problems. But sometimes our biggest problem is not knowing how to solve our problems. Cue creative problem-solving. The 4 step process to your original solution. …

What is personal development?

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Almost as if the clue is in the name, personal development is a very personal journey. The skills one individual would like to improve or develop won’t be the same as those of the next person.

Let’s look at some of the most common personal skills people look to develop….

Brexit: The Soft Skills you Would Need to Negotiate your own Deal

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Brexit negotiations are underway but aren’t moving quickly. What if you stepped in? These are the Soft Skills you would need to negotiate your own Brexit deal. …

Problem Solving: Why This Soft Skill of Employees is Important for Companies

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Employees with this soft skill are highly valuable for companies….