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Tag: Time management

Time management tips: How to manage technology

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managing technology

Check out Bookboon author, Harold Taylor’s top 4 tips for managing technology….

Stress management: 3 ways to deal with back to work stress

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Back to work stress got you down? Have no fear, we’ve been there before and we’ve got 3 stress-busting tips to make your first day back a breeze. …

5 Time Management books you can’t miss

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time management

Time. We all have the same amount of it during any given day but some of us struggle to manage it as well as others seem to. Luckily, Bookboon has you covered with our top 5 books on Time Management….

5 solutions to ineffective time management

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Time flies. It is a simple truth. But managing that time effectively can be a difficult skill to master. The inability to use time effectively affects personal and professional productivity. That is why finding ways to increase the level of productivity is of vital importance….

How to have a productive day

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We have all been there: It’s the end of the workday and you look at your to-do list that has somehow grown rather than shrunk and wonder how it is possible. By simply changing a few of your daily habits, you can make today as productive as it can be….

Productivity: 4 ways to improve your productive efficiency

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Do you ever look at your extremely productive coworker and think ‘How do they do it all?’. When we see people who seem to have every part of their work and personal lives managed and under control we often wonder if they might not be human. Turns out, they have likely just mastered a few simple and effective steps to increase their productivity. Let’s have a look at these 4 ways to use productivity to take you from super-stressed to superhuman. 

6 reasons we procrastinate

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why we procrastinate

‘I’m definitely going to stop procrastinating. As soon as I get around to it.’

How many times have you begun your week full of good intentions, swearing you won’t let yourself be distracted and that you’ll get things done only to find that you’re spending time mindlessly scrolling Facebook, falling into a Youtube spiral, or worse, reading blogs about time management… 
How is that possible? You swear you just want to get your work done and yet you keep on getting distracted. Turns out, you’re pretty good at procrastinating. There are many reasons we procrastinate. Let’s look at 6: …

What is personal development?

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Almost as if the clue is in the name, personal development is a very personal journey. The skills one individual would like to improve or develop won’t be the same as those of the next person.

Let’s look at some of the most common personal skills people look to develop….