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What is personal development?

Almost as if the clue is in the name, personal development is a very personal journey. The skills one individual would like to improve or develop won’t be the same as those of the next person.

Let’s look at some of the most common personal skills people look to develop. (more…)

9 Tips for Successful Time Management

If you struggle with time management then have no fear! You are not alone.

Many people find it difficult to accomplish tasks, set goals and remember important deadlines.

Would you like to boost your efficiency in the workplace? Check out Bookboon’s 9 tips to ace time management. 


Time Management: The 90-Minute Rule of Scheduling

We often lie in bed at night and think “Right. Tomorrow I’m going to be productive. I’m going to check everything off of my list: wake up early, cook a healthy breakfast, organise my desk, answer all of my emails, crush my deadlines,  go for a run…” and the list goes on. Often we end up waking up with that same motivation but quickly become distracted and achieve less than half of what we set out to do. This can leave us feeling frustrated and cause us to put our tasks off until tomorrow once again. Rinse, repeat and what do you have? Well, you’ve got poor time management. Don’t worry, most of us do too.


Are your employees leaving due to a lack of training opportunities?

New research suggests that the majority of UK employees (63%) would switch employers if only they got more training opportunities.* That is a staggering number. Combine this with the fact that the average UK employee has gone two years without training and over 10% more than four years, this is revealing a big problem in the job market.

Employees realise (and experience) the impact of insufficient training themselves. Over 40% say they’re less productive due to the lack of training and over a quarter are worried this is impacting their career progression.



The Connection between Good Time Management and Good Health

It’s all about health! People are becoming more aware of their general health and want to adopt new habits to live a happier and healthier life. However, many people struggle to achieve the lifestyle balance they want. This is caused by the issue that many people don’t know about the impact their time management has on this process. Read this article if you want to learn how to make a difference. (more…)

Time management: what is metacognition?

Making decisions isn’t always easy and can take up huge amounts of time. Time you might be able to spend more effectively elsewhere. Being aware of your own thought processes will ensure that you’ll spend less time on making substantial life and business-related decisions. Learn more about it by reading this article.



Why does life seem to go faster the older you get?


The popular explanation for this is that the brain perceives time as a rough percentage of total life lived. For a 10-year old child, one year represents 10% of their existence to date. That’s a long time. But to a 60-year old, one year represents less than 2% of their life experience to date, giving the impression of it passing much faster. But that’s only part of the answer.  (more…)

Internal Time Management: Using Your Natural Body Rhythms to Increase Your Effectiveness


Overlooked in most traditional time management workshops are the strategies that take advantage of the internal workings of our body and brain, which I refer to as internal time management. For example, working in sync with your biological clock makes life easier and allows you to accomplish more with less effort.  (more…)

Time Management: Budget Your Time – It’s More Important Than Money!

Time to be productive!  Develop your time management skills. Here is why and how... Time to be productive! Develop your time management skills. Here is why and how…

When you lose all your money, you can always earn more. But when you lose all your time, there is no more to earn. When your time is gone, you’re gone. Time is your most precious resource. Budget it well.  (more…)

Soft Skill Education: Don’t Be so Hard-Headed and Get a Softer Brain

Soft skills versus hard skills. Soft skills versus hard skills.

In this high-tech, digital-crazed culture, schools seem to be emphasizing the hard skills to the detriment of the essential basic soft skills, like time management. For example, as reported in a Toronto Star article, a 2015 study showed “a staggering 83% of educational institutions believe their grads are equipped for the workforce, whereas a mere 34% of employers agreed, and just 44% of students themselves.”

Many of the soft skills can be gained from experience, but it’s a costly way to do so. Students have to get jobs first in order to get experience while employers are looking for experience before hiring. And once employed, they get experience first and then the lesson. It makes more sense to get the lesson first. (more…)