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Technology’s surprising impact on soft skills

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technology's impact on soft skills

Let’s face it, in the world of soft skills, technology gets a bad rap. However, upon speaking to over 300 L&D professionals, Bookboon learned that over 50% say that technology has had a surprisingly positive effect on both soft skills and how we develop them. Let’s look at 6 ways technology positively impacts our learners’ soft skills. …

Time management tips: How to manage technology

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managing technology

Check out Bookboon author, Harold Taylor’s top 4 tips for managing technology….

The 7 most essential soft skills for techies

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Soft skills don’t stop at creative or people-facing jobs. There are many soft skills that can not only come in handy but are essential for success in tech roles as well. Here are 7 of the most important soft skills for techies. …

Soft skills beat tech every time and this is why

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Technology is changing the way we work, both as individuals and businesses. A whole host of exciting digital changes have paved the way for new ways of working, and these changes show no sign of slowing down.  …