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How to strengthen your young employees’ communication skills  

learning and developmentAs 2019 begins, organisations find themselves at a strange time in terms of how information is exchanged. Despite being more digitally connected than ever, young employees are beginning to lose touch with one of their most fundamental human skills: communication. By making it too easy to be virtually social, millennials are losing the ability to connect and communicate in the real world and in the workplace – something they simply can’t afford to lose as they begin their careers. What young employees need from their managers now, more than ever, is access to the tools that will help them actively improve their interpersonal skills.   (more…)

4 soft skills definitions

soft skillsBookboon author Manmohan Joshi defines soft skills as the personal character traits or qualities each of us has. He says that these skills make us who we are, generally encompassing our attitudes, habits and how we interact with other people. They refer to abilities that make people better employees and open doors for many opportunities that are not directly related to the subject matter of their jobs. In other words, soft skills refer to a person’s ability to relate to others, to get him/her and others organised, to communicate in written, spoken or other forms. Here are three more soft skills definitions:  (more…)

Interpersonal skills explained

Interpersonal skills. You use them every day without even knowing it. We use interpersonal skills when we communicate and interact with people both personally and professionally. But what are these skills? And why are they so important? (more…)

Jobs of the Future: What are the Top Skills for 2020?

Are you prepared for tomorrow’s world of work? The changes that are taking place in organisations of work will inevitably lead to a shift in important key work skills. But how to identify and develop these skills in order to not fall behind in the competition? (more…)

Interpersonal Skills: Why They are Crucial for Your Company’s Success

Why and how you should develop the interpersonal skills of your employees. Why and how you should develop the interpersonal skills of your employees.

There is a critical shortage in soft skills in businesses. One of the most important is interpersonal skills. The ability to communicate effectively, to listen, hear, speak and write is something lacking today. Poor communication can destroy any relationship, and this is just as true in the workplace as it is in a personal relationship. Take action now and your business can take advantage of an improved working environment.  (more…)