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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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Work-life balance for parents: 5 tips

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Here are 5 work-life balance tips to help you manage your workload while enjoying having your little ones home full-time. …

Work holidays for managers: how to switch off from work

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how to switch off from work

It’s holiday time! Whether you plan to head away somewhere warm with your loved ones or simply catch up on your sleep, holidays are a great way to step away from the daily grind of the workplace and detach from the stress. However, for many of us, particularly managers, it can be difficult to switch off and leave work behind. For those who struggle to resist the urge to open your inbox from the beach, we have 6 tips for managers to switch off from work and enjoy your holiday. …

Interpersonal skills: Definition and why they’re important

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interpersonal skills definition

Interpersonal skills are becoming increasingly important and in higher demand, as we move towards the future workplace. More and more companies are starting to move focus away from hiring for and training in technical skills and shifting focus towards individuals with strong interpersonal skills. Let’s define interpersonal skills and find out why they are being held in such high regard by businesses everywhere. …

Soft skills: The top 4 soft skills to put on your CV

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soft skills cv

So, you’re looking for a job? No matter the position you’re applying for, your CV will likely be your potential future employer’s first impression of who you are and what you will bring to the position. Check out the top 4 soft skills to help you land the job. …

Interview skills for managers: The 5 most common interview questions

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Interview skills

If you have a job interview for a management position coming up, chances are you have one or two successful job interviews already under your belt. But, when it comes to an interview for a management position, the expectations can be higher. Here are the 5 most common questions and how you should answer them to secure your new position as manager. …

Communication skills: the top 4 communication skills and how to improve them

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communication skills

Whether consciously or not, we communicate in a variety of ways every day. In both our personal and professional lives, communication is arguably the most important interpersonal skill to develop and improve. There are many aspects that make up strong communication Let’s look at the top four communication skills and how to improve them. …

How to make your learning platform feel like a consumer product

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netflix of elearning

HR and L&D managers can learn from consumer products and provide their learners with training materials with a look and feel they are familiar with, which not only engages but encourages retention and proactive learning….

3 ways managers can motivate staff

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When you hear the word ‘motivators’ what comes to mind? Many people may answer ‘money’, ‘success’ or ‘happiness’. While these are great reasons for self-determination, as a manager there are other ways to motivate your staff. Let’s look at three of them. …