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Soft skills: The top 4 soft skills to put on your CV

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So, you’re looking for a job? No matter the position you’re applying for, your CV will likely be your potential future employer’s first impression of who you are and what you will bring to the position. Of course, it is important to list the technical skills that make you a suitable and relevant hire for the position, but many hiring managers and companies alike are beginning to switch focus and make hiring decisions based less on hard skills but more on the soft skills that make you who you are.


Whether the role you are applying for suggests that management will be a part of your potential new position or not, leadership is an attractive skill for any prospective employer. Individuals with strong leadership skills are more likely to be self-directed, team-focused and flexible as well as showing potential for growth within the role or company.

Creative problem-solving

A survey by B2B research company, Clutch, discovered that critical thinking skills, including creative problem-solving and adaptability, will be essential to the future of work. Letting employers know that you have experience and strength in creative problem-solving can make it nearly twice as likely you will be seen as a valuable candidate.

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This is a skill that most of us genuinely struggle with. Not all of us emulate the time-efficient routine of billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg who limits the decisions he makes on a daily basis by wearing an almost identical outfit to work every day but we can take steps to make the most of our time such as scheduling our day on our way to work and prioritising daily, weekly and monthly goals. Letting an employer know that you take the time to manage your time will show them you can handle the tasks your new position will throw at you.


In virtually every position from a manager of a sales team to a software developer, communication is key. Most workplace conflicts occur because a message was incorrectly or badly communicated or interpreted. Communication includes anything from a written message or email to a verbal conversation and even your body language. Showing your potential employer that you will make the communication process a breeze by highlighting your strong communication skills on your CV will show them that hiring you for this role will have a positive impact company-wide.

Creating your CV as a self marketing tool

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