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Communication skills: the top 4 communication skills and how to improve them

communication skillsWhether consciously or not, we communicate in a variety of ways every day. In both our personal and professional lives, communication is arguably the most important interpersonal skill to develop and improve. There are many aspects that make up strong communication Let’s look at the top four communication skills and how to improve them.  (more…)

How to deliver an effective sales presentation in Bangladesh

Presentation skillsYou may think of a sales presentation as a formal talk given in front of a room full of the company you are hoping to land as a new customer. Just you, armed with your PowerPoint and laser pointer, facing the room of decision-makers, hoping to land the sale. While it’s true that this is a form of one, a sales presentation actually occurs anytime that you interact with a potential or existing customer. In Bangladesh, it is very common to also give a sales presentation via the phone or by email.  You are continually representing yourself, your product, and your organisation when you call, write to, or speak to your customers. Learning to do so well will help you make effective, successful sales presentations. (more…)

Simple Presentation Confidence Building Techniques

An old NY Times survey revealed those asked, felt speaking in front of colleagues followed by speaking in front of strangers were both more to fear that death itself! When it comes to your pounding heart, sweaty palms and shaky knees, when you present, the best solution still seems to be, “Practice makes perfect”. But is that enough? (more…)

Presentation Skills: A Soft Skill that is Critical to Business Success

Strong presentation skills are one of the most important soft skills one can develop. Learning how to command a room will not only benefit a traditional presentation but also aid in a successful job interview, meeting and in everyday life.  (more…)