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How to strengthen your young employees’ communication skills  

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The influx of technology aimed to make communication easier has caused young employees to lose the ability to connect and communicate in the real world and in the workplace. How do leaders step in?…

Why a third of UK workers did not learn new skills last year

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According to new research, British workers are being denied critical opportunities to up-skill for the future which meant that a third of workers did not learn any new workplace skills last year. …

Natural born leaders: fact or fiction?

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The idea that some of us are predisposed to become great leaders from birth has long been touted as fact. However, the suggestion that a handful of us are ‘natural born leaders’, and the vast majority aren’t, glosses over the crucial roles of experience and training in making the world’s best leaders.  …

Leadership skills: 6 powerful quotes from famous leaders

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What makes a great leader? Above all, a leader is a role model. Great leaders are measured not by their wealth, success, or position but by their words and actions. Here are 6 powerful quotes from famous leaders and experts. …

6 ways to be powerful

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What is power? What does it mean to be powerful? To be effective at work and to maximise career potential, you need to develop your personal power. But do you know what makes you powerful? Would you like to find new sources of power and build on your existing strengths? Or perhaps you are just curious about how power works in organisations. The good news is that we are all powerful (even if you don’t feel that right now). The bad news is that this is a confusing and controversial area….

Five Speed reading secrets to help you create more time in your day

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Imagine if you could improve your reading speed, even if by just 20%. It would be like getting a free hour back for every five spent reading reports, emails, policies, legal documents… Many can improve by even more than that. You can get out from under your paperwork mountain more quickly by learning and applying a simple set of speed reading techniques….

Time Management: The 90-Minute Rule of Scheduling

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We often lie in bed at night and think “Right. Tomorrow I’m going to be productive. I’m going to check everything off of my list: wake up early, cook a healthy breakfast, organise my desk, answer all of my emails, crush my deadlines,  go for a run…” and the list goes on. Often we end up waking up with that same motivation but quickly become distracted and achieve less than half of what we set out to do. This can leave us feeling frustrated and cause us to put our tasks off until tomorrow once again. Rinse, repeat and what do you have? Well, you’ve got poor time management. Don’t worry, most of us do too….