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Why a third of UK workers did not learn new skills last year

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training and development

According to new research, British workers are being denied critical opportunities to up-skill for the future which meant that a third of workers did not learn any new workplace skills last year. …

The stages of learning

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the stages of learning

Learning a new skill is hard. It can be frustrating, overwhelming and cause many of us to want to – or actually – give up before we even begin. One thing many of us haven’t yet realised is that when we reach the point of wanting to quit, we are actually already two or three steps into the learning process. …

9 Tips for Successful Time Management

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If you struggle with time management – have no fear! You are not alone.
Many people find it difficult to accomplish tasks, set goals and remember important deadlines.
Would you like to boost your efficiency in the workplace? Check out Bookboon’s 9 tips to ace time management. …

Why do people get fired? And how to do the firing

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Getting fired, being sacked, getting the boot. However you phrase it, making someone redundant is a difficult job for a manager. Firing can be awkward, emotional or even embarrassing and there is almost never an easy way around it. …

Blended Learning: Getting Your Learning Mix Right

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Whether you are from the generation of rewarding good grades with scratch and sniff stickers, saving on actual floppy disks (Is that what that icon on my desktop is?) or wheeling TV’s into the classroom, at some point, many of us look back on the weird ways that we learned in school. Cue Blended Learning. …

From problem-based learning to coaching and mentoring: An overview of experiential learning models

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Experiential learning is learning acquired through action and practice. We learn by interacting with others engaged in meaningful tasks. Here’s an overview of the main experiential learning models….