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How to save money with eLearning

learn to save money

It is hardly breaking news that organisations are trying to save money wherever they can. And a tight or shrinking budget is all too familiar in particular for those in charge of Learning & Development. Many organisations look at learning as a luxury rather than a necessity and when budget cuts come around, L&D is often the first to go. However, with eLearning, not only can training and development be extremely cost-effective, but it can also save an organisation money.


How to get more learning out of your L&D budget

When a company’s annual discussion about budget comes around, there is one department that tends to be among the first to be cut and that is Learning & Development. Try as they might to defend the countless benefits of L&D to budget holders, a tight or shrinking budget has become the norm for most learning professionals. However, those in charge of L&D have found a way to make the most of their budget by going digital. Switching to eLearning means that being short on expenses does not have to result in a lack of learning within a company.


Why a third of UK workers did not learn new skills last year

training and developmentLess than half of British workers have access to training materials to develop the workplace skills they need.  

According to a 2019 report based on research by City & Guilds Group, British workers are being denied critical opportunities to up-skill for the future.  (more..)