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Why audio is an essential part of your blended learning strategy

audio learning

While the idea of learning through listening has been around since the invention of the radio, thanks to their hands-free mobility, consumption of new auditory learning materials such as audiobooks and podcasts is rising at a rate of nearly 40 percent every year making it the fastest-growing format in publishing (1). Audio, particularly when paired with another learning material, is one of the most effective and engaging ways to learn (2). 


The stages of learning

the stages of learningLearning a new skill is hard. It can be frustrating, overwhelming and cause many of us to want to – or actually – give up before we even begin. One thing many of us haven’t yet realised is that when we reach the point of wanting to quit, we are actually already two or three steps into the learning process.  (more..)

How to get the most out of your eLearning experience

eLearning is a fantastic tool for the busy professional looking to improve soft or hard skills in within or outside of their role, learn a brand new skill or language or stay on top of industry trends. There is almost no limit to the knowledge one can acquire through eLearning on topics anywhere from mindfulness and mental health to time management and managing stress to cryptocurrency and speed reading.


Here are six ways to ensure your eLearning experience is as effective as it can be. (more..)

Blended Learning: Getting Your Learning Mix Right

Whether you are from the generation of rewarding good grades with scratch and sniff stickers, saving on actual floppy disks (Is that what that icon on my desktop is?) or wheeling TV’s into the classroom, at some point, many of us look back on the weird ways that we learned in school. Cue Blended Learning. 


Don’t stop at Blended Learning

Different people learn best in different ways. This means it’s incredibly important that businesses provide their staff with a range of corporate learning opportunities to suit individuals’ learning styles.  (more..)

Talent development in an agile world at Dutch insurance and asset management company Nationale Nederlanden

There aren’t many industries that have gone through more changes in HR management in recent years than the financial sector. Automation and agile working have soared and in many companies it has become part of their DNA. 

We talked to Anjo Marcelis, Manager of the NN Academy at Nationale Nederlanden, the Learning & Development programme at one of the largest insurance and asset management companies in the Netherlands. 

Where previously you had to be strong in maths, law and commerce – banks, insurance companies and pension funds are now mainly looking at IT skills. So how does that affect Talent Development?  (more..)

Blended Learning: Combining traditional and eLearning


The question of face-to-face vs. e-learning is not always either or. The social aspect of face-to-face learning is a benefit but in-class training is often neither cost or time-effective. In many cases, blended learning programs can be used to overcome the limitations of face-to-face instruction and expand the overall learning experience.  (more..)