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Leadership Skills Help Your Employees and Your Business to Grow

Without leadership, your business is directionless. Leadership is the rudder for the crew, and it’s a rudder we all need in our personal arsenal. It is not just for managers. This soft skill encourages personal responsibility and a desire to pull together in a crisis.

The culture of shirking responsibility with “that’s above my paygrade” is doing irreparable damage to your business productivity. We are all leaders in a way, even those at the bottom of the scale of pay or responsibility. It’s relatively straightforward to encourage each and every employee to see himself or herself as a leader. Bookboon delivers a simple but highly effective solution to foster the soft skill leadership in your employees. Here is how… (more…)

The Solution to Poor Productivity is Here, Now!


We all know that soft skills such as empathy, teamwork and interpersonal communication help deliver tangible results for business success. However, it is also arguable that productivity is, in itself, an important soft skill. But how do you as a business get the best out of your employees? How do you encourage your employees to improve their day-to-day performance? It may be difficult to quantify something so seemingly difficult to define, but you can do it with the carrot and without resorting to the stick. Bookboon has a solution and here, we show you how!  (more…)

Learning to Forgive and Forget: Soft Skills for a Happy and Productive Team


Of all the workplace soft skills, none is more important to harmony than forgiveness. Your business simply cannot function when ongoing friction hinders performance. You would think that employees could simply move on after an argument. Although they do most of the time, sometimes it does not happen that way. Learning to forgive and forget is something you can encourage, even teach. Thankfully, Bookboon has the solution to overcoming friction in the office – no matter how long an argument has been going on.  (more…)

Build Your Business’ Resilience While Supporting Your Employees


Albert Einstein once said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. Making mistakes is how we grow as people, as businesses, and as a society. Yet we have become fearful of failure – either through mistakes or life’s curveballs. We expect to succeed – all the time. Subsequently, we fail to take the right lessons from mistakes and things not going our way. We are simply not resilient enough. But there is a solution to low resilience in the workplace… (more…)

Blended Learning: When to Combine Face-to-Face & Online Learning


The question of face-to-face vs. e-learning is not always either or. Online learning has made inroads in recent years. However, it is difficult to fully replace face-to-face training. In many cases, blended learning programs should be used to overcome the limitations of face-to-face instruction and expand the overall learning experience.  (more…)

Remove all barriers and re-focus on (e)learning!


The corporate eLearning landscape is finally picking up pace.

As electronic learning grew with the rise of the internet during the 90’s, so did the hope that soon we could all ‘tap into the Matrix’ and learn to speak Mandarin in 30 minutes. In reality, no matter how fast we innovate, it takes years before new and better applications are widely used or accepted.  (more…)