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Meetings: Elon Musk Hates Them and You’re Probably Doing them Wrong

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Are your board meetings more like ‘bored-meetings’? Find out how Bookboon can help with tips and tricks that even Elon Musk could use. …

Memory: A Necessary Soft Skill for a Busy Workplace

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The workplace has fundamentally changed in the last decade. It is the expectation that employees at all levels multitask and do more than ever before. With greater responsibility and more tasks to carry out on a daily basis, employees need a greater range of soft skills to get by. Memory is one of those new soft skills for the daily routine. If your employees regularly forget steps in complex tasks, or simply forget to carry out a task altogether, perhaps…

Blended Learning: Combining traditional and eLearning

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Looking to support your company’s training with online content?…

4 reasons your employees should use eLearning tools

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digital learning culture

eLearning solutions are a great help for managers struggling to stay ahead of the game despite sensitive budgets. …