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The Solution to Poor Productivity is Here, Now!

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We all know that soft skills such as empathy, teamwork and interpersonal communication help deliver tangible results for business success. However, it is also arguable that productivity is, in itself, an important soft skill. But how do you as a business get the best out of your employees? How do you encourage your employees to improve their day-to-day performance? It may be difficult to quantify something so seemingly difficult to define, but you can do it with the carrot and without resorting to the stick. Bookboon has a solution and here, we show you how! 
Productivity is the ultimate goal of every business. You need to utilise your human resources and individual skills to the best of their ability for maximum performance. When everyone and everything is pulling in the right direction, productivity goes up. Productivity is a result of the combined soft and hard skills, experience and knowledge applied effectively. Yet on a personal level, productivity is a soft skill that businesses could nurture given the right tools.


Defining the soft skill productivity

The key to seeking the results of business productivity is to encourage productivity as a personal value. As businesses, we need to encourage employees to see the results of their actions.

The soft skill productivity requires the following attributes:

  • The drive to succeed, or at the very least, the drive to try
  • The understanding of one’s limitations and asking for relevant help in a timely fashion
  • Realising that others need help (soft skill teamwork), identifying it and the willingness to help
  • The capacity to identify distractions and not letting them become a problem
  • The foresight of one’s roles and action to understand cause and effect
  • A growth mindset and a willingness to understand the importance of teamwork

These are the six key ingredients of productivity as a soft skill. Essentially, we are encouraging employees to take responsibility for their actions and act accordingly.


Why it is important to encourage the soft skill productivity

In the workplace, everybody procrastinates to some extent. In some companies, it has become so problematic that they implement extreme measures such as locking out social media on work devices or banning mobile phones from the desk during work hours. Nevertheless, we all get distracted and waste time – from the very bottom to the very top. Procrastination costs businesses millions in lost revenue every year. That’s why it’s important to encourage employees to look outside the box and to encourage the soft skill productivity. Thankfully, there is a simple solution from Bookboon.


Bookboon’s eLearning Solution to improve productivity

Procrastination is a part of the human condition, but that does not make the situation is hopeless. Improving productivity requires little more than a simple change in thinking, and Bookboon can show you how. All that is required is for employees at all levels to become proactive in their work. One way to do this is to promote a concept that productivity = reward, even if the reward is an easier workday.

Bookboon has a large and comprehensive collection of eBooks for business training to help your employees to improve their soft skills starting now. The main advantage to Bookboon’s eLibrary is that they help employees learn in their own time during and outsite of working hours, at their own pace and on their own devices. It also vastly reduces the costs (time and money) associated with classroom learning. Interested? Use the carrot and discard with the stick – Bookboon shows you how!

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