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4 qualities of a great leader

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Leaders are who the rest of a team turns to when it comes to instruction, work delegating and difficult decision-making. However, there are some lesser-known qualities a truly great leader needs and may not even realise they already possess. …

The 4 zones of employee engagement 

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employee engagement

As managers, we like to think of our teams as being made up of highly-engaged, proactive and solution-focused employees. After all, that’s why we hired them. But as it turns out, most teams are often nowhere near as engaged as we perceive them to be….

Natural born leaders: fact or fiction?

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The idea that some of us are predisposed to become great leaders from birth has long been touted as fact. However, the suggestion that a handful of us are ‘natural born leaders’, and the vast majority aren’t, glosses over the crucial roles of experience and training in making the world’s best leaders.  …

Leadership skills: 6 powerful quotes from famous leaders

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What makes a great leader? Above all, a leader is a role model. Great leaders are measured not by their wealth, success, or position but by their words and actions. Here are 6 powerful quotes from famous leaders and experts. …