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4 qualities of a great leader

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A leader is confident, responsible passionate, powerful and strong. Managers are who the rest of a team turns to when it comes to instruction, work delegating and difficult decision making. However, there are some lesser-known qualities a truly great leader needs and may not even realise they already possess. 


It is possible to underestimate the power of an empathetic manager. Although this is important, empathy does not solely refer to HR being understanding about an employee taking time off for health or personal reasons. Empathy is a more powerful tool than many leaders realise. Without empathy, we find ourselves unable to manage or solve conflict within teams. This quality also offers a competitive edge. Empathetic leaders have the ability to understand and anticipate the needs of their customers, clients, and staff.


Winston Churchill saidI am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.” As a leader, educated optimism should be your first response to most proposals, projects or goals, however large or small. Optimistic leaders have confidence in themselves, their business and their employees which is a surefire way to inspire and motivate team members and clients alike. If a team leader does not believe in the future success of a product or project, how can their team be expected to look forward in any other way?


Blind optimism is not the same thing as an optimistic attitude towards leadership. Good leadership does not mean becoming a ‘Yes-man‘ and jumping aboard and agreeing with the guaranteed success of any idea without thinking first. A great manager must have the ability to think critically, use good judgment and take time to properly think through a decision before making it. Discernment involves looking at the ‘bigger picture’ and considering multiple solutions to a problem or possible outcomes to a goal.


As important as having an optimistic outlook towards the future is, the best way to encourage a group of people to believe in something as strongly as you do is by eloquently communicating your message. Look back at some of the most memorable and powerful speeches of all time. They all have one thing in common: the speakers “wowed” their audience. The ability to truly inspire a room of people is a key quality for any successful leader. A manager with the ability to speak and write persuasively has the power to quell fears, close deals, and gain support.

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