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Tag: time management skills

5 solutions to ineffective time management

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Time flies. It is a simple truth. But managing that time effectively can be a difficult skill to master. The inability to use time effectively affects personal and professional productivity. That is why finding ways to increase the level of productivity is of vital importance….

Time Management: The 90-Minute Rule of Scheduling

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We often lie in bed at night and think “Right. Tomorrow I’m going to be productive. I’m going to check everything off of my list: wake up early, cook a healthy breakfast, organise my desk, answer all of my emails, crush my deadlines,  go for a run…” and the list goes on. Often we end up waking up with that same motivation but quickly become distracted and achieve less than half of what we set out to do. This can leave us feeling frustrated and cause us to put our tasks off until tomorrow once again. Rinse, repeat and what do you have? Well, you’ve got poor time management. Don’t worry, most of us do too….