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7 Tips to offer employees actionable learning

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It is all well and good to train employees, but if they cannot actively apply new skills to their workplace, the efforts of L&D professionals will be in vain. …

What can we do to stop plastic pollution at work?

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Here are 5 small changes to reduce plastic pollution in your office. …

Creative thinking: 4 essential creative thinking skills

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creative thinking skills

Initiative, innovation, and inspiration are essential factors that keep a company moving onwards and upward and they are also all components of creative thinking. Creative thinking is a way of looking at a situation or problem and coming up with unique ideas or solutions to improve or solve it. Creative thinking is becoming an increasingly in-demand skill spanning across industries and, contrary to popular belief, can be learned. Here are 4 creative thinking skills to help you come up with your next groundbreaking idea. …

Creative problem solving: The GROW model for problem solving in India

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creative problem solving

Use this simple, straightforward model from the 80s is the solution to your modern problems and conflicts….

Creative thinking: 3 exercises for creativity at work

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Creative thinking

Getting creative juices flowing can be difficult, especially today’s busy workplace. Many creatives experience gaps in inspiration but there are plenty of solutions to strengthen your creative thinking. Let’s look at three of them. …

Coaching: The drama triangle and the role of the coach

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the drama triangle

In psychology, this 1968 model for social interaction has been used for therapy and counseling. But how can it apply to coaching today?…

Thinking skills: EQ vs. IQ in the workplace in India

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emotional intelligence

When it comes to the workplace, technical skills associated with cognitive intelligence can get you so far but the social skills that come with high emotional intelligence can make all the difference. Let’s compare the two….

Emotional intelligence: 4 traits of Emotional Intelligence

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emotional intelligence

When it comes to success in both your professional and personal life, there is one skill that will allow you to navigate any environment with ease: Emotional Intelligence. We’ll look into the 4 parts that make up an emotionally intelligent person. …